Best Adjustable Kettlebell Set for Your Needs

Complete Guide to Buying the Best Adjustable Kettlebell Set for Your Needs

If you’re bored with your monotonous workout routine and looking to upgrade your home gym without breaking the bank or compromising your limited space, an adjustable kettlebell set is what you need.

Kettlebells have the potential to make your complex workouts easy as they allow you to add various types of strength training where you can target your arms, back, legs, and the other major muscle groups. Additionally, the kettlebell workouts also offer heart-pumping cardiovascular exercise.

However, it isn’t always possible to have a whole set of kettlebells due to many reasons. That’s where the adjustable kettlebell set comes in.

Unlike the conventional ones, these adjustable kettlebells allow you to change weight amounts easily while taking up a considerably small amount of space in your home.

Interested to know more? The below guide covers all the information you need for an adjustable kettlebell and our top 5 picks that can help you buy the best one. So, are you ready to upgrade your home gym with these adjustable kettlebells? Let’s begin.

What Are the Benefits of Using Adjustable Kettlebells?

There are several benefits of using adjustable kettlebells. Some of these include:

  • You can change and adjust their weight gradually to fit your workout goals. This nullifies the need to carry different kettlebells of different weights.
  • You have the flexibility of adding a variety of exercises as they are versatile enough to accommodate them. Additionally, you can target any muscle group, even the smaller muscles.
  • They are best if you wish to improve your cardiovascular health, tone your muscles, lose weight, or increase your strength, speed, and endurance.
  • They are small and easily portable, so they require less storage space, and carrying them isn’t a hassle at all.
  • They are less expensive than other workout gears like a dumbbell, barbell, or a full standard kettlebell set.

Factors to Consider While Buying an Adjustable Kettlebell Set

Begin with asking yourself the following questions:

  • How many weight levels do they come with?
  • Is it easy to make the weight adjustments?
  • At what rate can you adjust the weight levels?
  • Is the grip of the handle easy and comfortable?
  • What materials are they made of?

What to Look for

  • Your Experience: Do you have any prior experience in weight lifting? If you’re a newbie in weight training, it is recommended to start with the basics. This will allow you to explore in-and-out of the kettlebell mechanics. If you already have weightlifting experience, you can start at a heavier weight that you think will work for you.
  • Your Reason for Buying a Kettlebell Set: This can make an impact on your buying decision. Identify the reason – is it for weight loss, endurance, or to build cardiovascular strength? Knowing the reason will help you narrow down your choice.
  • Your Age and Fitness: This is an important factor to consider while buying as if you’re young, it’s best to have kettlebell trainers that can guide you properly. Your age, experience, and fitness level will play a major role in identifying the right kettlebell training for you.
  • Kettlebell Quality: While buying a kettlebell, ensure that they have windows, smooth handles, and provide the guarantee for anti-rust.

What to Avoid

  • Thick Kettlebell Handles: Avoid buying an adjustable kettlebell set that comes with a thick handle. You should be easily able to wrap your fingers all the way around. If not, it will quickly tire out your forearms, ultimately making it tough to complete your exercise.
  • Narrow Width of the Kettlebell Handle: If you’re a beginner, it is recommended to go with a kettlebell that can fit both your hands easily through its handle. The one with the narrow width will only be wide for one hand.
  • Kettlebell with base: It’s okay to get a kettlebell with a naturally flat bottom but avoid buying one that comes attached with a rubber or plastic base. While they may prevent the marks on your floor, they will obstruct your arm and body. So, it’s best to avoid kettlebells with a base.
  • Sharp Handle: Make sure that there are no sharp ends on the kettlebell handle, or else it can injure you during the workout.
  • Coated Kettlebell Handles: Coated handles can look stylish, but they are not recommended for two reasons. One, they get slippery when your hands become sweaty, and other, the coated handles have annoying seams that can damage your hands. 

Even after carefully considering the above points, the selection process can be overwhelming as there are dozens of brands on the market.

Fortunately, we’ve pulled together some of the best adjustable kettlebells that are outstanding in their own way. Check out their reviews and decide which one is the best for you.

Top 5 Adjustable Kettlebell Recommendations for You

1. Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Weight

BowFlex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell
  • TURN OF A DIAL: With the turn of a dial, you can easily adjust from 8 to 40 lbs., rapidly switch from one exercise to the next, and perform a wide variety of full-body exercises.
  • SPACE EFFICIENT: Replaces up to 6 kettlebell with weights at 8, 12, 20, 25, 35, and 40 lbs.
  • 2-MONTH FREE TRIAL: Try our JRNY All-Access Membership for 2 months, free.
  • JRNY MOBILE-ONLY MEMBERSHIP: Workout at home or on the go with inspiring trainers, and just-for-you adaptive workouts, from your phone or tablet.
  • WIDE WEIGHT RANGE: Offers a variety of workouts, including swings, rows, squats, twists and more.

This particular adjustable kettlebell is insanely popular due to many reasons. Firstly, you have to dial to automatically change weights as per your preference – from 8 pounds to 40 pounds.

You can increase your resistance level gradually as the increments are smaller than most of the other kettlebells. This means you have a reduced risk of injuries. Additionally, it is a super space-saver and comes with an ergonomic handle. Isn’t it a perfect kettlebell option for you?


  • It does the work of 6 kettlebells
  • Easy weight attachment and removal process
  • Comfortable in holding
  • Portable
  • Space-efficient design


  • The total weight limit is 40 pounds

2. Kettle Gryp Adjustable Portable Kettlebell

KETTLE GRYP - The Original - As Seen on SHARK TANK! Converts Your Dumbbells Into Kettlebells - Made in the USA - Dumbbell Grip Handle
  • TURNS DUMBBELLS INTO KETTLEBELLS IN A SNAP: Simply, open hinged handle, place your own dumbbell into the grip, re-close handle, snap latch. Kettle Gryp has the #1 patented secure latching closure. Easy. Safe. Secure.
  • COMFORTABLE SURE GRIP: Kettle Gryp’s handle is made of durable ABS plastic that is texture molded to give a soft feel, yet non-slip grip for any intensity of workout. Size matches top selling cast kettlebells = Fits men's and women’s hands. Kettle Gryp handles are actually preferred over painted, plastic coated, or knurled handles of traditional kettlebells.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Kettle Gryp is made from impact-resistant ABS plastic, urethane foam, and stainless steel. Its high-quality materials and advanced engineering make it incredibly strong. Maximum dumbbell weight is 55 lbs.
  • ECONOMIC AND CONVENIENT: Combine Kettle Gryp with your existing traditional dumbbells and create a top-level gym experience with a full range of weights to enhance your workouts without spending $$$ money and without using up valuable floor or storage space. Burn calories not cash!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: At less than 1 lb, Kettle Gryps easily pack in your gym bag or carry-on for use in any gym or hotel workout room. Compatible with most adjustable dumbbells and nearly all standard dumbbells with bare metal handles (max 1.5" handle diameter, min 4.5" handle length). Does not fit most vinyl or neoprene coated dumbbell handles because those are often too thick and/or too short.

If you’ve set up a small home gym or need a kettlebell that can easily fit in your travel bag, going with Kettle Gryp can be your safest bet. This inexpensive gear has a unique design that allows you to have effective workouts even in a restricted space.

However, it is a great choice to consider if you have a set of dumbbells as this Kettle Gryp gear is nothing but a portable handle. All you need to do is open it, put your dumbbell in, close and lock it properly so that it is safe enough for you to carry out all types of kettlebell exercises.


  • Compact, portable, and lightweight design
  • Perfect for restricted spaces like home gyms
  • Adjustable depending on the dumbbell you use
  • Made from heavy-duty ABS plastic material


  • It does not include weights

3. Yes4All Adjustable Dumbbells

Yes4All Comfortable Grip Adjustable Kettlebell Handle Converter for 1 inch Weight Plates
  • PERFECT KIT FOR TRANSPORT & STORAGE: The Adjustable Kettlebell Handle only weighs 1 pound, allowing you to pack easily in your backpack for traveling. The lightweight yet strong construction can withstand up to 100lbs under heavy weight.
  • HIGH QUALITY, NON-SLIP ABS HANDLE: Feature high-density rubber cover, the Kettlebell Handle offers a perfect grip & prevents slipping during your workout session. The wide handle is easy for holding, especially with both hands to do the same movement.
  • ECONOMICAL KIT FOR ALL FITNESS ADDICTS: Easy to convert a dumbbell to a kettlebell in seconds. No need to purchase different kettlebell weights; all you need is just a kettle grip & then use it with the adjustable dumbbells you've already had.
  • STURDY AND SECURE DESIGN: The screw-in clamp fastens tightly to the heaviest plates for a secure hold. The loading pin is compatible with 1 and 2-inch standard weight plates. Product does not include weight plate.
  • FLEXIBLE WORKOUT: Adjustable Kettlebells can be used like dumbbells for improving strength, stamina, and coordination. Feel confident to perform snatch, clean and jerk or kettlebell swing to burn fat and build muscles.Adjustable Kettlebell Handle – Supports up to 100lbs, Fits 1 & 2-Inch Weight Plate. ( This Product dose not include Weight plate )

If you want to strike a perfect balance between price and quality, go with none other than Yes4All, as it is one of the best adjustable kettlebells for your home gym.

It allows you to carry out a hardcore full-body kettlebell routine, which means you can focus on anything from increasing your core strength, dynamic balance to losing weight, improving endurance, muscle toning, and overall physical fitness.

Additionally, it guarantees safe and effective workouts as its handle is covered with high-density rubber that provides a non-slip grip. Lastly, its sturdy design is another attraction as it enables you to carry out the exercises confidently.


  • Versatile tool with an impressive weight range
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Economical


  • Not ideal for beginners

4. Stamina 36-Pound Adjustable Kettle Versa-Ball

Stamina X Kettle Versa-Bell - 36 lbs Strength Training Kettlebell - Adjustable Kettlebell Weights with Smart Workout App - Kettlebell Weights for Home Workout
  • ADJUSTABLE KETTLEBELLS SET: The Stamina X Versa-Bell replaces the need for an entire kettlebell set, saving you money and storage space. Easy-to-swap plates allow you to customize your weight with ease.
  • PATENTED WEIGHT SYSTEM: Easily adjust the kettlebell weights in 4 pound increments: 16, 20, 24, 30 and 36 lbs for your home workout.
  • INCLUDES STORAGE PAD: Place the kettle bell and / or unused weights on the included square base storage pad.
  • SMART WORKOUT APP INCLUDED: This adjustable weight set is fully supported by muuv, the all-in-one app that provides smart guided audio coaching, a follow-along assembly video, personalized workouts tailored to the fitness equipment you own, and more.
  • DURABLE CAST IRON CONSTRUCTION: The hefty, non-slip cast iron handle of the 36 lb kettlebell is designed to withstand workouts of all intensity levels, making this kettle bell set the perfect addition to your strength training equipment.

Getting this all-in-one gear will suffice the need for six different kettlebells as it comes with six adjustable weight levels.

With four-pound increments, both – the beginners and the fitness pro can adjust their workout training intensity to reach their fitness goals, including weight loss, cardio fitness, muscle strength, enhancing joint mobility, and much more.

The handle is large enough to fit both one-handed or two-handed grips. This space and money saver kettlebell is great if you want an all-in-one, compact and affordable kettlebell.


  • Durable construction with cast iron handle
  • Wide handle
  • No assembly required
  • Affordable


  • Noisy

5. Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Kettlebell

Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell Weight Set Strength Training and Weightlifting Equipment for Home Gyms APKB-5009, Grey
  • Heavy Duty Kettle Bell: The Apex Adjustable kettlebell is made from solid cast iron and reinforced with a powder coating that ensures long-lasting performance. Its textured surface resists wear and tear while preventing damage
  • All-In-One kettlebell Set: Get everything you need for muscle building in this kettlebell set. This full-fledged kettlebell set includes a 15lb weighted handle, four non-weighted removable spacer disks (empty shells at 0-lbs), and a 5lb bottom plate.
  • Adjustable Workout Equipment: You can adjust the weight of the kettlebell between 20 to 50 pounds by replacing the removable spacer disks with standard 2. 5, 5, or 10lb weight plates.
  • Convenient Kettle Grip: Our kettlebell features a traditional and specially designed U-bar handle that facilitates precise contact of the hands for optimal grip and superior control.
  • Ideal Home Gym Equipment: Enjoy a pumped workout from the comfort of your home with these kettlebells. Use this kettlebell set for lifting, toning, bodybuilding, strength-training exercises, and other training.

Apex’s kettlebell allows you to change your weights from 20 lbs. to 50 lbs. and features a 15 lb. weighted handle, a 5 lb. bottom plate, and four removable spacer disks. The starting weight itself is much higher, so it is not an ideal option for beginners. However, for professionals, you have the potential to push the maximum weight abilities in advanced training.

In short, this kettlebell is one of the best options for a hardcore fitness enthusiast or even for the commercial gyms that run advanced training workout programs.


  • Heavy-duty construction made from solid cast-iron
  • Adjustable training gear with many weight increments
  • Superior grip
  • Higher weight range


  • Weight adjustments are not that easy
  • Not ideal for beginners

Final Thoughts

If you’re a beginner, choose a kettlebell that comes with a low starting weight. This will enable you to perform simple exercises and gradually advance in terms of weight. If you’re a professional, it is best to explore advanced options that provide you with higher weights and a quality kettlebell.

Whatever option you choose, these kettlebells are surely going to carve a path for your fitness journey. So, decide your target and choose a workout that you think will bring you closer to your goal.