Best Home Gym Ideas for Smart Fitness

Over the years, the fitness industry has grown into a multi-billion business. Getting people to try to be healthier by working out has never been more necessary, with 70 percent of Americans over 20 years of age being overweight. Americans are now more health and fitness conscious than ever, but waste a lot too. In 2018, 54 million Americans paid for gym membership, but a whopping 80 percent didn’t go to the gym! Over a third of gym members cancel every year. Reasons for quitting are varied. Some find the gym environment intimidating or boring while others just can’t find time from their busy schedules.

A viable alternative to boosting activity levels and saving money is investing in smart home gym equipment. If you’ve shrugged off building a home gym because you think it requires loads of cash or space, we’re here to help. Adding a home gym does not have to be a major renovation project. A spare bedroom or finished basement can do the trick. Making a gym smarter will motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

More and more Americans are getting fit in the comfort of their own houses. The perks of working out at home are many. With a home gym, any day of the year is the best day to begin improving your appearance, health and wellbeing.  You can use your own shower, pick your own hours and work out at your own pace without having to share equipment with a stranger.

Best Home Gym Ideas for Smart Fitness

There is no shortage of options when it comes to purchasing equipment for your home gym. From strength training equipment such as kettlebells, resistance bands and dumbbells to cardio machines like exercise bikes, ellipticals and treadmills, the options are many. Thanks to technology, there are now advanced equipment with modern features like Wi-Fi connectivity and interactive displays. This makes the job of searching for best home gym ideas for smart fitness exhausting.

Before you buy a home gym equipment, you must take time to select a unit that you’re most likely to use on a consistent basis. It makes much sense to pay a little more on equipment that you’ll use often than spending less on a unit that will sit unused. Even if you’re a minimalist on a budget, you’ll have fun designing and setting up your home gym.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
  • Use the Bowflex SelectTech App to journal your strength training
  • Space efficient – say goodbye to 15 sets of dumbbells
  • Select the weight you want with a turn of a dial
  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52 lbs
  • Durable molding around metal plates provides for a smooth lift-off and quieter workouts

There is nothing dumb about these dumbbells – they’re the first-ever smart dumbbells that provide a fully interactive workout experience. There’s a lot of engineering behind the construction of this unit, making them the industry standard for quality and functionality. With SelectTech app coaching you through your workout sessions and a Bluetooth 3DT sensor, you will save time by working out at home. These dumbbells combine 15 sets of weight into one piece of exercise equipment. The weights are adjustable with a dial from 5-52.5 pounds in 2.5-pound increments (for the first 25 pounds) with no additional components. From 25 pounds on, it increases by 5 pounds up to 50. This will help you find the right weight for your fitness level. Besides the dumbbells, you will receive the Bowflex workout DVD and the support/adjustment trays as accessories. On purchase, you get a 2-year warranty on weight plates and parts.

SereneLife Smart Digital Folding Exercise Machine

SereneLife Folding Treadmill - Foldable Home Fitness Equipment with LCD for Walking & Running - Cardio Exercise Machine - 12 Preset or Adjustable Programs - Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Sports App Connection: Links To Fitshow Sports App To Make Boring Exercise Routines To Exciting Fitness Sessions. The App Is Available For Ios & Android & Works With Various Devices Such As Phones, Laptops & Tablets Via Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Convenient Folding Style: This Treadmill Is Portable & Foldable For Easy Setup & Storage. It Comes With Simple Electric Plug-In Design, Motorized Treadmill Power Of 1Hp, Built-In Grip Sensors For Pulse Monitoring & Adjustable Speed Up To 6Mph
  • Digital Lcd Display: Monitor Exercise Activities With This Smart Digital Treadmill. It Has Lcd Screen Which Displays Running And Training Data Statistics Readout Such As Run Time, Distance, Speed, Calories Burned & Heart Rate
  • Selectable Preset Training Modes: Creating A Customized Fitness Session Is Easy As This Digital Exercise Equipment Comes With Selectable Preset Training Modes. It Also Features Adjustable Speed Settings To Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout
  • Safe To Use: Stay Safe & Get An Effective Workout With This Foldable Treadmill. It Comes With Integrated Safety Key & Emergency Shut-Off Button To Cut Power Instantly. Perfect For Jogging, Walking, Running & Cardio Workout At Home. Total Folded Dimensions (L X W X H)- 49.6 X 24.0 X51.2 Inches

If you are in the market for a folding electrical treadmill that has a smart LCD display with responsive touch button controls, an efficient yet quiet motor and a compact design, look no further than this model. This entry-level home treadmill has a small running deck powered by a 1HP motor (supplying 100-120V power) with a max speed of 6mph. This makes it convenient for light jogging and fast walking indoors. It is also portable and foldable for easy setup and storage. The handles feature integrated grip sensors linked to the LED-backlit display that shows vital data like time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. For safety, the emergency shut-off button can power off the unit immediately. You can download the iFitShow workout app and wirelessly link via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or PC. The app is linked to the HealthKit to track and save your workout data. If you wish, you can share your health and fitness data with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Assembly is easy, thanks to the tools and instructions provided. It typically takes 15-20 minutes to assemble this unit out of the box.

Slendertone Connect Abs

Slendertone Connect Abs , Black
  • Smart, Powerful Toning At-Home
  • The app-controlled ab belt that discreetly tones & firms your abs, anytime, anywhere
  • App-Controlled: control your belt from your mobile or tablet using the free Slender tone app
  • Track Progress: full toning session history, progress tracking, personalized coaching & reminders
  • Light & Discreet: with its sleek and lightweight design, its perfect to wear under clothes

If you’ve always had trouble getting those dream abs you’ve always wanted, this device will help to tone and firm your core. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to mimic regular exercise and is clinically proven to tone and firm your abs from 4 weeks. This DIY smart device is controlled through an app on your smartphone. Your smartphone must have Bluetooth and run on iOS 8 or Android 4.4 (and up). The app allows you to create a profile, set your fitness goals and track your progress in real-time. The Slendertone Connect app has 5 different complete programs: essential toning, postnatal, special occasion, fitness and advanced toning. It attaches to your stomach in the form of a belt and you can use it for up to 20- 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week for best results. Its light and discreet nature mean you can wear it under your clothing. Another interesting feature of this electrostimulation belt is that it tracks your progress over time. The data will help you make the necessary adjustments to reach your fitness goal. The pack contains a carry pouch, a USB-B cable for charging, a pack of 3 pads, a detailed set-up and user guide, the Slendertone Connect control unit and the belt.

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser
  • CONVENIENT: Stuck at home? Our peddler exerciser allows seniors and those with reduced mobility to get a full-body workout, all from the comfort of their home.
  • VERSATILE: Molded pedals provide a comfortable grip for use as arm bike, or strap in your feet for the perfect leg exerciser while sitting. Our velcro straps are more adjustable & durable than notches.
  • SMOOTH & SILENT: With premium magnetic resistance, our mini exercise bike ensures a super smooth pedal motion that is easy on your joints and whisper quiet.
  • PRECISE CONTROL: The step-less intensity dial on our foot pedal exerciser allows you to fine tune the resistance as you gradually increase muscle strength. Perfect for physical therapy equipment or as exercise bikes for seniors
  • USER FRIENDLY: Keep it simple with arm and leg exercise equipment that comes with easy to read LCD display. Monitor your speed, distance, time and estimated calories burned to keep track of your arm or leg workouts.

You are probably familiar with recumbent and upright bikes. Ever heard of mini bikes? This compact best-selling unit allows you to work out your arms and legs from the comfort of your home. The manufacturer claims that this mini exercise bike offers up to two times the resistance of similar magnetic pedal exercisers, making it suitable for both simple and intense workouts. You won’t find a better mini bike at that price range. The smooth internal twin belt drive system ensures that the bike doesn’t make noise. To maintain muscle balance, the MagneTrainer is bi-directional. An electronic monitor that runs on a single AA battery displays Time, Distance, Speed and Calories Burned. The auto-on and shutoff feature lets you save the battery. For enhanced durability, it features commercial-grade construction with a sturdy steel frame. For a non-slip grip, you get adjustable Velcro straps on pedals. The pedals work for both feet and hands. Because there are very few parts to put together, assembling is a breeze. On purchase, you receive a 1-year warranty.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike
  • Start an in-home cardio workout with the SF-B901 Pro Indoor Cycling Bike by Sunny Health & Fitness.
  • Sturdy Flywheel: The 40-pound chrome flywheel is designed to maintain momentum smoothly as you cycle on the cardio machine. Heavy flywheels support speed, stability, and consistency across your workout.
  • Resistance: Increase resistance or come to a complete stop in a flash with the friction resistance knob. Use the resistance knob to increase and decrease resistance applied to the flywheel.
  • Adjustable Handlebars: Ergonomic handlebars are designed to accomillimeterodate multiple riding styles while cycling on this bike for home use. Easily adjust the 2-way multi-grip handlebars, based on your height.
  • Fitting & Adjustments: Tailor your riding experience to your individual height. Use the four-way adjustable seat that can be fitted to your individual leg length.

This smooth ride lets you sprint, stand up and change resistance without you having to leave your home. With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, this practical indoor bike caters for users of various weights. It is suitable for both beginners and seasoned indoor bike enthusiasts looking to improve their level of fitness. Standout features include a comfortable seat, adjustable resistance, ergonomic handlebars and a smooth 40lb flywheel. The sturdy flywheel is designed to maintain momentum smoothly during your workout. The features work together to offer you a bike that looks and feels professional. You can conveniently adjust resistance with a tension and resistance knob. Turn it right for less resistance and left for more.


Nothing beats the convenience of being able to exercise in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No showering or sharing equipment with strangers, no driving in traffic and circling the parking lot looking for a spot, or dealing with discomfort/intimidation by the ripped out gym-goers. By creating your own gym, you design the type of space that’s conducive to exercising. Not to mention the costs you’ll save for not paying for gym membership or hiring a personal trainer. Understanding your goals will help you set up and select products that best suit your unique needs. The above mentioned products will help you get started.