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Best Way to Take Green Superfood Supplements

If you are one of many people who don’t eat the recommended daily dose of vegetables, you may have heard of green superfood supplements. Chances are, you’re probably using one already as a part of your daily meal plan. The thing is, green powders are a healthy food supplement that have numerous health benefits for your body.

But it should not be a substitute for real food, more precisely, whole vegetables. The fact is that our body doesn’t digest whole vegetables and a “vegetable liquid” the same way. People can easily go overboard with green superfoods; even a single dose can contain more than the recommended daily vitamins, and labels also state that you should have multiple doses per day.

If you keep those facts in mind, you can easily stay in the safe zone and ingest just as much as you need. Therefore, you will enjoy all the health benefits that green superfood supplements offer.

If you have already implemented green powders as a part of your daily meal plan, you might be bored by continually experiencing the same powder taste. Most people mix the powder with water and use it daily, but it can get pretty dull in the long term. In this article, we will present you with a few great ideas that will improve the taste of your green superfood.


You make an omelet as you usually would, but just before putting the eggs on the pan, mix them with green powder, and make sure that you mix it well. After the omelet is done, add some ham and enjoy a beautiful meal. Besides numerous healthy minerals that you will get from the powder, eggs have a lot of protein and that the whole meal is actually pretty delicious and healthy.


If you like soups, then you will like this one even more. Not all green powders will be ideal for this, but barley grass ones like Green Magma can be great for a lovely, summer gazpacho. With avocado, cucumber, apple cider vinegar, and other healthy ingredients pureed together, Green Magma and similar powders can be an excellent addition and will provide a very delicious, summer soup. Even if you are not a big fan of soups, you should try this once, since it is different than a classic soup.

Salad Dressing

We have already mentioned that you should not use green powder as a substitute for the actual vegetables. However, if salads are already a part of your daily meal plan, then a green powder can be an excellent addition. There are many great, creamy salad dressing recipes to be found online. Although it might require a bit of trial and error, once you find the one that suits you best, you will be happy to use it on every salad that you make so that you will have both a healthy and delicious meal.

Energy Balls

They might look similar to meatballs, but they are entirely plant-based. In many different situations, we might be looking for an energy bomb to quickly boost our energy levels at a specific time of the day. This is when most people use chocolate bars or other unhealthy stuff that are high in sugar.

However, energy balls (or bombs) are a much better, healthier solution. They are small bites that are high in protein, carbs, and fats, and can give you quick energy bursts, while at the same time limiting your sugar intake. They are perfect for any meal, like breakfast, lunch, or even dessert. There are many energy balls recipes to be found online, and they all taste delicious.

Chia Pudding

We all know the health benefits of chia. However, chia pudding is even better and can be a very delicious dessert. It is also very simple to make — take some chia seeds, any green superfood, and milk (preferably nut milk), mix it up, and you have a delicious pudding for a dessert. It requires minimal time to make and will be great for dessert, or a snack between two meals.

Hot Cereal

As you might think, it is a bit strange and unusual to have green oatmeal. However, if you are a fan of oatmeal, follow your typical recipe and just add some green powder.


Another thing that should be a part of this list is a mocktail. You will love it, especially if you are already a fan of cocktails and mixing up different things. One of the best mocktails that you can find online is a spirulina and aloe vera mocktail, inspired by Neal’s Yard remedies. It is not only healthy, it is also great for detoxing the gut. It has a base of coconut water and is one of the most delicious cocktails that contain green superfoods. You should try this one, since it is also very simple to make, and you can make large quantities at once and use it multiple times.


If you are bored by continually using the mix of green powder and water, you can try some of the alternatives from this list. All of them are pretty delicious, healthy, and easy to make. They all include a certain food that you would normally eat, just with a green powder added in a specific way. However, note that you should not go overboard on the green powder, as we already mentioned.

When it comes to nutrition, it is NOT the rule that more is always better. Most powders will provide the daily dose of vitamins with one or two tablespoons, so there is no need for consuming green superfoods multiple times a day. Also, note that green powder is just a supplement and not a substitute for actual vegetables.