Bowflex Power Pro

Bowflex Power Pro: A Review

When Power Pro and Power Pro XTL debuted in 1997, they changed the professional in-home gym equipment industry. I’m going back to basics and covering everything you need to know about the Bowflex Power Pro. From release through recall, as well as more. Continue reading for our thoughts on this fantastic product.

The Bowflex Power Pro is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). And resistance equipment that allows you to complete a full-body workout in less than half an hour each day.

Is The Bowflex Power Pro XTL Home Gym Right For You?

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The Bowflex Power Pro XTL is ideal for individuals who don’t want to upgrade their exercise equipment right away. Although it debuted in the ’90s, many reviews confirm that it remains up to date. This machine has been owned by several trainees for 20 years and is still in use. You may rest assured in your purchase because of its steel frame.

The versatility of this machine makes it a great choice for those who want to work out at home. It is packed with all the things that s needed to execute a wide range of exercises, including a  lat pulldown, foot harness, chest bar, squat attachment, and leg-extension attachment. You may switch from one muscle group to the next with ease. Traveling from one body part to the other and working out your arms one day and legs the next.

Is The Bowflex Power Pro XTL Convenient To Use?

It will take you several hours to put it together. You may save time by enlisting the assistance of others or paying someone to do it for you. Make sure you pay attention to the directions since these devices have previously been recalled owing to problems.

Once it’s up and running, you may switch from one exercise to the next with ease. It’s simple to move from one pulley system. Next to target different muscle groups in a single session by utilizing several pulleys.

Pros And Cons Of Bowflex Power Pro XTL

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  • You can purchase additional attachments to customize your equipment and optimize your fitness routine.
  • They are both cost-effective and long-lasting. Which is why they may still be found on the market more than 20 years after their creation.


  • Despite the fact that this equipment has been recalled twice. The manufacturer offers kits through the mail so you may correct the manufacturer’s flaws. (particularly problems with pins in the lat tower and sliding bench pins).
  • Because this is one of the company’s oldest models. It isn’t as technologically advanced as their more recent in-home gym equipment.

Special Features

The basic power tower has a 210-pound resistance level and can accommodate up to 411 pounds of opposition using Bowflex’s Power Rods and Cables. To assist you to achieve excellent form during your exercises while maximizing effectiveness, the bench and lat tower can also be adjusted for flat, inclined, or free sliding positions.

Quality And Durability

Although this isn’t Bowflex’s greatest or most elegant equipment, it is a cheaper option than some of their more recent and costly models. You may rely on the product to be very tough and constructed of excellent materials such as steel. After all, it had to be in order for it to still be sold over 20 years since its inception.

Once you’ve finished constructing the tower and made any necessary adjustments, it’s just as safe and secure as Bowflex’s other top products.

Bowflex Power Pro Excercise Programs

Bench Press

The bench press is a popular beginning exercise. The workout bench’s height adjustability will have an impact on the chest region that gets worked the most during this activity. At the same time, you may select various power rods for greater or decreased resistance.

In general, it’s best to keep your repetitions between 8 and 12. When your goal is to lose weight, Bowflex recommends resting for a shorter period of time between sets and a higher maximum number of reps.

Leg Press

The chest press can be followed by the classic leg press. This is because it involves the most muscles in the body, making it the most difficult exercise. The higher resistance power rods, such as those of 30 pounds, are better for these activities if you master them correctly.

Seated Deltoid Rows

Working the back muscles is just as essential as working the front muscles, such as the pectorals. These are postural muscles that assist you in maintaining a good posture. Seated rowing exercises may be done with equal intensity on the Power Pro.

Seated Abdominal Crunch

The Bowflex Pro is not often known to many individuals. However, there are numerous ways to target your core muscles from various angles. Among the most essential approaches to look at is how your abs are contracting and feeling between 8 and 12 repetitions with a range of resistance rods and tension. This exercise allows you to do many more reps easily.

Seated Leg Curl

The seated curl can be a good choice if your quadriceps are activated during the leg press. To perform this activity, you’ll need a workout bench in a horizontal position. Because the muscles behind your legs are less powerful than your quads, you may use lower resistance power rods on your fitness equipment to maintain the same intensity.

Weight And Weight Capacity

The Power Rod technology and a series of pulleys are used to give you a fixed 210 pounds of resistance. It comes with two 5-pound rods, four 10-pound rods, two 30-pound rods, and two 50-pound rods. 

You may get extra rod sets of 50 pounds from a variety of online stores to upgrade your unit to 410 pounds of resistance. I couldn’t find a weight capacity for the Power Pro series, but I was able to discover that the company’s guarantee covers “damage resulting from people weighing more than 300 pounds using it.” As a result, I propose a weight capability of no greater than 280 pounds for most users.

Features And Components

The Bowflex Power Pro machines include patented Power Rods, a pulley and cable system, and optimal resistance for your strength and aerobic exercise training program. It allows you to do a variety of workouts with good form in either inclined or flat postures and a free sliding position that enables you to perform movement exercises like rowing. The seat also has an adjustment knob that you can use to tighten the bench into position for a safe and secure fitness experience.  

The product also features a multipurpose handgrip for greater stability during your workout that can be used as hand or ankle cuffs, and normal grips depending on your demands. You may use the Leg Press Belt and Lat Tower to perform seated leg curls and leg presses as well. All you have to do now is slide into position, attach the leg press belt and lat tower, tighten the belt, and you’re ready to begin adding these hamstring-busting exercises to your routine.

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