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how to build running endurance

How to Build Running Endurance

For many people running is all about speed — the sprint. While this is a big part of running, if you plan on doing a marathon, especially a long one, these are all about endurance, not speed. It’s all about being able to maintain a moderate or somewhat fast pace for a prolonged period of time, potentially for hours. You may find that you are in no shape to run […]

Best Treadmill Workouts for Beginners

These days, more people are choosing to do their workouts in their own home. Placing a greater emphasis on health means starting where you are. So if you’re a total beginner when it comes to the treadmill, don’t worry! These workouts can help you to get rolling and soon you’ll be running like the pros. Just remember to keep at it and don’t push yourself too hard! Best Treadmill Workouts […]

Hip Flexor Exercises

Hip replacement surgeries have been on the rise in recent years. Although not all of the injuries that result in hip replacements can be associated with hip flexors, most of them are. The problem is, most people spend their day sitting in front of a computer these days. This position harms your hip flexors. Then, when people finally get a chance to squeeze in a workout at the gym, it’s […]

Functional Strength Training 

One of my greatest desires is to age gracefully and still be able to perform normal day-to-day tasks. I want to be able to do normal things like walking, bending, going up stairs, hiking without much difficulty, and avoiding injury – even in my old age. You probably want the same thing, but unfortunately, the modern lifestyle is a huge obstacle to aging well. Most of us spend our time […]

Hip Flexor Stretches

The nature of most jobs today requires people to stay seated for most of their waking hours. This has quite a few negative effects, with the most direct one being on your hip flexors. Hip flexors are a set of muscles that make hips movement and almost every other kind of full-body movement possible. These muscles connect your lower body to the rest of your body. Sitting for too long […]

How to Lose Weight on Treadmill

You might think that simply having a treadmill standing in a corner of your home is enough to drop those unsightly pounds. Well, you actually have to use the treadmill, and moreover, you have to use it right. Have you been using your treadmill, but have not been able to lose weight, or have even put on more pounds? It is something that happens, and it happens to more people […]

Are Treadmills Bad for Your Knees?

Treadmills are some of the most popular types of cardiovascular exercise equipment for running or walking indoors. A high-quality treadmill can go both slow and fast, and they can get you into that fat-burning cardio zone in no time at all. A great treadmill can come loaded with features other than speed control, features like incline control, workout programs, pulse monitoring, and more. There’s no doubt that running on a […]

How to Sync a Fitness Tracker to Your Phone

Fitness tracker devices usually are strapped onto the wrist in the style of a wristwatch for easy access. What you may find on the display of these fitness trackers are basic information for distance, speed, and calories. But why do you need to sync the fitness tracker device to your smartphone at all? Some of the fitness tracker devices have more than just the basic features and need an app […]

Can Fitness Trackers Measure Blood Pressure?

Most fitness tracker devices can track your heart rate, but not all of them can measure your blood pressure. However, after the first fitness tracker started to include a blood pressure monitor device, other manufacturers began to include it as well. Currently, there are a few brands that include the blood pressure monitor feature in their fitness tracking devices. The fitness tracker devices that include a blood pressure monitor comes […]

How to Set Up a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are the latest craze when it comes to getting healthy. These devices are able to track your steps, workouts and even sleep habits. They also provide tips that help you improve those habits and feel better on a day-to-day basis. While these devices may require a little bit of technological know-how, they are absolutely worth figuring out. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll have no problem […]