Does the Apple Watch Series 2 Track Sleep?

Smartwatches are among the latest in high-tech trends, and for good reason. These fantastic tools have a lot to offer. They’re capable of tracking a number of different exercise and health variables as well as features that can help you on a day-to-day basis.

One aspect that some may wonder about is whether or not the Apple Watch Series 2 is capable of tracking sleep. As we grow to understand just how important sleep is, we discover the importance of the ability to track it to ensure we’re sleeping well each night.

Let’s take a look into how the Apple Watch Series 2 can help you with sleeping better!

What is the Apple Watch Series 2?

The Apple Watch Series 2 is one of the Apple Watch models. These devices go above and beyond standard watches to provide you with smartwatch functionality. What that means is this watch is one that does a lot more than simply track time.

Watches like the Apple Watch Series 2 can help with fitness, daily tasks and keeping track of your overall calendar. They are highly useful tools that are often well worth the cost. If you’re in need of a device that can do it all, an Apple Watch is a great choice!

Does the Apple Watch Series 2 Track Sleep?

There are a number of fitness trackers out there that track sleep without you having to do anything, but the Apple Watch Series 2 isn’t one of those options. It is capable of tracking sleep, but you’ll need to add the correct app to make it happen.

The good news is, it’s a free app and not one that is difficult to install. When you have your watch, you’ll just need to look for the “sleep watch” application. Once you have that app set up, your watch will be ready to keep an eye on your sleep to let you know how much rest you’re getting.

What Other Features Does the Apple Watch Series 2 Have?

In addition to the ability to track sleep, the Apple Watch is host to a number of other features. These watches offer a lot to those who purchase them, both for the purposes of exercise and everyday life. Let’s take a look at a few of the other handy features this watch provides.


GPS is something that has become incredibly important in our everyday lives. It’s a useful tool when you need to get somewhere you haven’t been before, are exploring a new city or want to have a means for people to locate you just in case something happens while camping or hiking.

The Apple Watch Series 2 provides this ability without you having to carry something extra. Many of us have GPS devices for our cars or GPS on our cellphones but you may not want to take those everywhere you go. An Apple watch with this ability can help in those situations.

Water Resistance and Swim Tracking

The Apple Watch Series 2 is also a device you can use while swimming. It’s a water-resistant device, but keep in mind that it’s not entirely waterproof at all depths.

This is a watch that would be a good idea for swimming laps, but not for scuba diving. In addition to the water resistance, it’s also capable of tracking the laps you swim while you’re working out, that way you won’t need to count them yourself. It’s definitely a handy tool if you like to swim for exercise.

Rechargeable Battery

One drawback to keep in mind with the Apple Series 2 is that it doesn’t have an incredibly long battery life. With about 18 hours of life, depending on how you’re using it, you will likely need to charge it on a daily basis.

The good news is that it is made with a rechargeable battery, so you won’t need to worry about purchasing watch batteries for it. Instead, you can simply plug it in and let it charge. Typically, you can expect a charger to be included with the purchase of the watch itself.

Heart Rate Sensor

Heart rate is often an important part of getting regular exercise. When it comes to your heart rate, there are various ranges that people like to focus on when reaching different goals. For example, if you’re looking to burn fat then there’s a specific range to stay within.

With the Apple Watch Series 2, you’ll be able to track your heart rate easily. You won’t need to stop to count the heartbeats. Instead, you’ll just be able to look at the watch and it will let you know whether you need to speed up, slow down or maintain the heart rate you’re at.

Apple Pay

Another convenient feature on a number of Apple products is the ability to use Apple Pay. With regard to the Apple Watch Series 2, this works in a pretty interesting way. Essentially, you connect your payment method of choice to your Apple Pay. Then, when you go out and about, you can use your watch to pay for items rather than taking your card.

If you like to stop for a coffee after your morning run, this is a great way to make that a convenient process. You won’t need your wallet, phone or credit card. Just make sure you have your watch and you’ll be good to go!

Pace, Distance and Speed

Whether you’re a swimmer, runner or bicyclist, you may want to track your progress while doing so. If you’re trying to gain speed or travel greater distances then the Apple Watch Series 2 can help you do that. Without having to hold anything, your watch will track your pace, distance and speed as you move.

This is a great way to make it easier to train for a marathon or generally work to improve your workouts. You’ll also be hands-free and able to focus on the workout rather than on trying to time yourself.