FITNESS REALITY 810XLT Super Max Power Rack Cage with Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable Attachment Review

Anyone in the fitness industry can recognize the benefits of a good weight-lifting cage. These multi-purpose pieces of gym equipment are the next level for workout enthusiasts, and one of the best on the market is the Fitness Reality 810XLT. For this review, we’re starting from the ground up—for all levels of gym-goer.

Fitness Reality Squat Rack Power Cage with | Optional Lat Pulldown & Leg Holdown Attachment | Squat and Bench Rack Combos| Super Max 810 XLT |
  • 【STRONG ASTM TESTED 800 LBS. WEIGHT CAPACITY】- Don't put your safety in the hands of a squat rack that hasn't been tested. Our Squat Rack was ASTM tested at 2,000 pounds in order to get an official weight capacity of 800 pounds.
  • 【SOLID STEEL LONG SAFETY ARMS】- Other companies provide hollow tubes, not us. Have peace of mind knowing that our safety arms are solid steel rods, designed to handle heavy weight.
  • 【MULTI-GRIP & REVERSIBLE PULLUP BARS】-Wide grip, narrow grip, hammer grip pullups are all available with this power cage. Can be reversed to lower the height of the cage. This is important if you have a lower ceiling.
  • 【STANDARD SIZED 1" HOLES】- Makes your squat rack COMPATIBLE with standard sized attachments such as J hooks, Dip bars, Weight storage bars etc…
  • 【TWIN SUPPORT BRACES】-Makes this power cage strong and sturdy. Lower brace also acts as a feet support when using the Low Row Cable attachment

We’ll take a look at the quick stats for this power rack cage, who Fitness Reality is, why you need a cage, what they assist with, and why this all makes the Fitness Reality 810XLT our go-to from beginner to expert.

All Features of Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Rack Cage

Accessories included with purchase*2 chrome-mounted dual safety bars, 2 safety locks, and 2 rear stability bars
Max. weight-bearing capacity800 lbs.
Cage dimensions upon assembly50.5” L x 46.5” W x 83.5”
Frame Materials2” X 2” tubular steel – 14 gauge
Adjustment Specifications19 height-adjustment spaces with 3 inches between
Safety Considerations2 twenty-three inch catches, dual-mounted 2 three and a quarter inch safety pins
Complete walk-in area dimensions50.5” long X 46.5“ wide X 83.5” high
Available upgrade:Weight bench addition

*Note: Olympic weights not included in the purchase of the cage

Who is Fitness Reality?

Established over ten years ago, Fitness Reality is part of the Paradigm Health & Wellness Inc family. The company has helped thousands of customers across the US by manufacturing, delivering, and establishing a level of quality with their fitness equipment.

Their motto is “Real People. Real Results.” And it shows with their track record. Each piece is designed with both the busy parent and the ambitious athlete in mind—everyone can find something they can use. Their catalog offers various equipment from power cages to cardio machines to swing sets for the kids.

Suppose you’ve already purchased equipment and aren’t sure what to do next. In that case, their site also provides a gallery of exercise videos led by Stevie Richards, a professional wrestler and training coach. They’re a one-stop shop for the fit family.

Unlike competitors, Fitness Reality offers a bonus when you purchase directly from their online store: free shipping and an extended 1-year warranty. The bottom line here is with a power rack cage, bike, treadmill, or weight accessories; your equipment comes with customer service in mind.

Nowadays, it’s not just about what you buy, but who you buy from. The value you get from purchasing from this company is only one aspect of the Fitness Reality 810XLT.

Beginners: What is the Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Cage, and Why Do You Need One?

If you’re brand new to power racks (or the gym completely), you need to understand how they help your fitness journey. The benefits of using one are multifold as they’re a standard piece of gym equipment. You might notice an entire gym wall covered in similar racks. Their effectiveness spans both regimens and exercise styles used by personal trainers, athletes, or casual persons who just want to stay fit.

You can recognize a power cage by its structure: four metal posts with two horizontal supports. Most come with optional attachments to further increase their versatility—the Fitness Reality 810XLT model sports a lat pulldown bar as well as a leghold.

The major factor that places these power cages apart is their safety feature. They function as a spotter if you don’t have time to grab a gym buddy or if you’re working out by yourself at home. These handy equipment pieces can provide peace of mind while you max out your reps.

But what about Smith machines?

While Smith machines are a solid option for most people, the restrictive movements end up hurting you in the long run. Power cages provide that spotting feature while allowing you to build a holistic physique utilizing your stabilizer muscles. Smith machines can be fine for casual exercisers, but if you invest in a power cage at the beginning, you won’t need to purchase additional equipment once you meet a limit.

Most agree on this simple fact: a cage provides the best value. You’re maximizing your space as well. Consider the amount of time the average gym visit takes. Do you spend time at a few machines in your routine? Do you move from one area to another? With the Fitness Reality 810XLT, you’re getting a complete experience in one spot.

Here are a few equipment pieces the cage can replace (saving you money and space):

  • Dip bars
  • Plate storage
  • Separate rack

And the Fitness Reality’s model also negates needing:

Our last factor is convenience. Most people have a hard time making it to the gym. There’s also the hassle of packing for the visit, drive time, and then the added stress of public health. When adding a power cage to your home, you eliminate all these stressors at once.

Altogether, let’s count what a cage can do: save you hundreds, minimize gym space in your home, relieve the need for a spotter, and get you into great shape. No more excuses!

Intermediates: What Can I Use This Power Cage For?

Alright, so we’ve moved past the beginner stage of why the Fitness Reality 810XLT is a great addition to your home gym. Still, for the intermediate people, you might be asking, “what is this power cage capable of, “ or “how is the 810XLT going to improve my workout routine?”

Short answer: this power rack is ideal for weight-lifting.  You’re going to cover the widest array of exercises with just this one purchase for your home. This means if you’re ready to step out of body-weight training to focus more seriously on weights to improve strength, the power cage is your next step.

Here are the popular uses:

These above are the more general uses, but for specific exercises, your 810XLT excels in chin-ups, pull-ups, squats, shrugs, and bench presses inclined or not.  If you follow fitness instructors on YouTube for your programs, then this cage should cover 90% of what they’ll throw at you.

And this is all at a much more affordable cost than most heavy additions from competitors. We’re not saying the cage is a cheap alternative; it’s just the most value for the investment you’re making. (Not to mention how much you’ll save for discontinuing a gym membership.)

Experts: Fitness Reality 810XLT Power Rack Reviewed

And now, for the professional tier, here are our collected thoughts on the Fitness Reality 810XLT. Why it’s our favorite, and why you should be using one today.

Putting It to Work

Let’s talk about specifics. For most individuals, your weight-training capacity (for squats) should be around 300-400 lbs. for the serious weight-lifter. With the 810XLT’s max capacity of 800 lbs., it will be more than enough as the core equipment piece for your routines.

The safety pins are in unobtrusive spots, and the solid design means you don’t have to bolt the cage to the floor. Altogether, this provides a safer experience as you won’t be worried about bumping into protruding parts or instability. When you need the machine to work and spot you, it will.

If you’re looking into a home investment you can use throughout the years, this power cage not only comes with high durability but also has a huge array of accessories to build upon.

Shipping & Assembly

Purchasing from Amazon is always an easier option, and the Fitness Reality 810XLT (plus additional upgrades) are available online at that retailer, or you can purchase directly from their website.

Shipping orders generally take 5-7 business days, depending on your location and which option you choose. While cumbersome, the entire rack is contained in one package that one person can move.

Once it arrives, assembly is easy. Most people report having their cage up and ready to go within two hours of it arriving at their home; just make sure you have enough room. While there is a clear instruction manual included, plus labeled pieces, here is a handy assembly video guide for your Fitness Reality 810XLT we found to speed you along on your fitness journey.

Summary – Pros and Cons

Besides the general advantages of owning a power rack, here are our specific features we’d like to highlight for the Fitness Reality 810XLT:

Pros:Cons:High durability and safety for home gymsDelayed customer support responsesVersatility with a large number of optionsNot as helpful for people over 6’ tallAmazing cost for the valueNo option for securing to the floor or wallEasy assemblyAssembly kit needs better toolsFits all fitness levels for years of use 

Taking these all in, the cons on the list involve peripheral factors, which is why we favor the Fitness Reality 810XLT. At the end of the day, everyone wants a solid piece of workout equipment they can use daily, rely on, and have the option to improve. All of this and more come with this cage.