Keto Burn Extreme

A keto diet is generally a low-carb diet, which also involves the consumption of a high amount of fat and a moderate amount of protein. There are many variations and diet plans available on the keto diet, which are used widely and praised as well.

However, while the keto diet is rewarding, it can be difficult to follow consistently. Not everyone can make huge lifestyle changes and follow through with them. This is where ketone supplements like Keto Burn Xtreme come in.

Some people claim that ketone supplements can raise your blood ketone level without you having to change your diet or adopt healthier practices. Are they right?

They might be, but that’s not exactly how your body understands and interprets these ketone supplements. Let’s understand why.

What Are Exogenous Ketone Supplements?

To put it simply, exogenous ketone supplements are ketone bodies that come from a synthetic source outside your body.

These ketone supplements only contain the beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) ketone, not the other primary ketone body, acetoacetate. Why? Because acetoacetate is not chemically stable, and cannot be used as a supplement.

There are two kinds of ketone supplements: ketone salts and ketone esters. Both of these have been shown to increase ketone blood levels, just as entering ketosis while following a regular keto diet would.

Generally, ketone supplements carry 8-12 grams of ketones in each serving. Now, these extra ketones are very useful if you are looking to transition into a keto diet without necessarily having to strictly follow the keto diet pattern.

There’s also some (although limited) research that suggests that these supplements can reduce the common symptoms people get when transitioning into a keto diet. These symptoms, known as the “keto flu,” include muscle cramps, diarrhea, bad breath, headaches, and constipation.

Benefits of Ketone Supplements Like Keto Burn Xtreme

There are some benefits that ketone supplements can bring you, although some of these have limited research and proof that backs them.

First, ketone supplements can decrease your appetite. This is generally helpful for people that are looking to lose weight by eating less. This might also help you achieve ketosis faster, as you will be eating fewer carbs than before.

Why does this happen? Well, we found that these ketone supplements reduce the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin between two and five hours after you take them.

Studies have indeed shown that people who had a meal before taking a ketone supplement generally had a lower blood ketone level than those who did not.

To sum things up, taking a ketone supplement after eating some carbs will raise your blood ketone levels. However, your blood ketone levels won’t be as high as they would be if you had fasted.

This means that your body is still using less fuel from the ketones because it still has the glucose from the carbs you ate.

Secondly, these supplements may also boost your metabolism. It has been found that some supplements may cause the fat within your cells to be broken down more effectively and quickly, which helps your body burn it faster.

It has also been shown that some supplements can increase the levels of adiponectin in your blood, which is a hormone that helps regulate your metabolism.

What Are the Safety Concerns Regarding These Supplements?

Obviously, it is unrealistic to think that a person can eat whatever they want while taking these supplements and still achieve ketosis. That’s not how this works.

You might want to know if there are any safety concerns or guidelines you should know about before taking these supplements. If so, we’ve got you covered.

First, do not exceed the recommended amount while taking these supplements. Stay within the recommended intake range.

Second, do consult a doctor before taking these supplements. The doctor will check your electrolyte balance and assess if the supplements are safe for you to use, and if they interfere with any other medications you might be on.

When to Take Ketone Supplements Like Keto Burn Xtreme

If you’re considering buying ketone supplements, you might be wondering when you should be taking them to reap the most benefits. Well, look no further.

Most ketogenic diets involve fasting, so most people that use these supplements take them while fasting. Yes, it is completely possible to follow a keto diet as you take these supplements. Taking these supplements while also following a keto diet can help you get into ketosis faster.

As for when to take them, some people take these supplements when they wake up in the morning. Others take them before they exercise, which might improve athletic performance.

Do You Prefer a Keto Diet Instead of Supplements?

Using supplements or sticking strictly to a keto diet, without any supplements, is mostly a personal choice, so you might easily fall into either category.

If you do prefer a natural keto diet plan without any supplements, it can be a bit difficult to figure out the best diet to help you get into ketosis quickly.

To save you the trouble, we did some research and have found the best option to be CustomKetoDiet. Their keto experts create diet plans tailored to your “body, situation, goals, and taste buds” at reasonable rates.

They offer eight-week meal plans optimized to your own calorie and macro intake. With each meal, you also get instructions to customize it further, in addition to the step-by-step recipe. Last but not least, you’re given a downloadable grocery list that you can use at the store.

Final Thoughts

Keto Burn Xtreme can be effective depending on how you use it. Some people claim that they did observe benefits while taking it, while others adhere strictly to a regular keto diet and claim that keto supplements don’t really do anything to help their progress.

If you fall into the latter category, CustomKetoDiet can be a great option to help accelerate your keto diet progress. That way, you can stay natural and follow a diet plan instead of taking supplements, as per your personal choice.

You can read more about them on their site and also take a look at what they have to say to learn more. Best of luck on your keto journey!