Your First Standing Desk Treadmill

Your First Standing Desk Treadmill – Experts’ Guide to Getting Started

Are you spending a major part of your day at a desk? There’s a lot of evidence stating the dangers of sitting long – it can increase the risk of health issues like back pain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

While you may not have any option to change your work style, there are many other things that you can do to add movements when at work to avoid prolonged sitting.

Not sitting for continued hours doesn’t necessarily mean that you must be standing. There are other great options, and we’re going to talk about one such great option today. It’s the standing desk treadmill.

Walk while you work; how does that sound? A standing desk treadmill is a great solution to keep you active throughout your workday. Additionally, you’ll be able to burn calories even while you work. Isn’t that great?

Well, there’s more to it. Here is what you need to know about a standing desk treadmill compared to a traditional treadmill to help you avoid a sedentary lifestyle by keeping you in a standing position.

Check out this expert guide below to learn the benefits of investing in a standing desk treadmill, what to look for while buying one, how to assemble and maintain it, and lastly, our top picks that will prove to be handy, especially if you’re a first-time buyer.

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk Treadmill

You can expect improvements in mental health, physical wellness, and job performance while using a desk treadmill.

Reduces Stress and Uplifts Your Mood:

If you’re using a standing desk treadmill at work, it can boost your mood and help reduce your stress and anxiety. Exercising enables the brain to release endorphins that further trigger positivity in your mind and body.

Working out this way even affects you psychologically by increasing your confidence that further pushes you to reach your fitness goals while providing a distraction from your worries.

Promotes Healthy Body Weight:

Like any other form of exercise, even walking on a treadmill will help you burn calories. If your aim is weight loss, it is recommended to increase your intensity level or walk for a longer duration to achieve desired results.

However, it is important to increase your speed range gradually once you get accustomed to this workout style. The walking duration should also be kept in mind, especially if you’re using a walking workstation for the first time.

Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes:

People who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have a large amount of glucose in their blood. This is because either their body isn’t making the required insulin, or their body isn’t using the insulin properly.

So, in this situation, exercise can help reduce your blood glucose levels. Over time, using a standing desk treadmill at work can help people with type 2 diabetes avoid long-term complications.

Lowers Blood Pressure:

Walking tends to increase blood flow which, in turn, reduces blood pressure. So, people with high blood pressure can benefit from using a standing desk treadmill. It is said that individuals who incorporate walking into their daily routine are likely to experience a decrease of 5 to 10 mmHg in both diastolic as well as systolic blood pressure readings.

Maintains Strong Bones:

One of the best ways to build up and maintain bone density is to indulge in weight-bearing exercises. Staying upright and doing high-impact or low-impact exercises can bring a noticeable difference.

So, if you’re at work, you can choose to indulge in any of these exercises to strengthen your bones. Some high-impact workouts include running, jogging, dancing, jumping, etc., while low-impact exercises include walking, low-impact aerobics, and hiking.

Enhances Productivity:

Walking on the treadmill while at work can boost your productivity. With just an initial adjustment to the change, you’ll experience improved productivity along with improved health. Other aspects like mental performance and time management also improve while using a standing desk treadmill.

Boosts Your Creativity:

Various studies have shown that there is a direct link between workouts and creativity. The more you exercise, the more creative you become. As per Friedrich Nietzsche, all truly great thoughts are conceived while walking. So, considering a standing desk treadmill while at work can also improve your creativity, and ultimately your overall job performance.

What to Look for While Creating Your Treadmill Desk Workstation?

While you may be tempted to invest in a standing desk treadmill, know that some homework is required. There are a lot of things to be considered while buying a treadmill desk. This includes:

Sitting Area:

First of all, determine the space you have in your office. Another thing, you’ll also need to arrange for sitting as you can’t stand the whole day at work. So, if you have a large desk, you can simply slide the chair under the desk. This will conveniently allow you to switch from walking to sitting while at work.

Desk Type:

Determine which type of desk will be appropriate for your office setting. You can select from two styles: one is an integrated treadmill desk with both a treadmill and a desk, while the other is an under-desk treadmill with a standalone console with a treadmill.

You have various options to choose from the integrated treadmill desks as they have different features, including manual-height and electric-height adjustable desks, colors, and sizes. In case if you’re looking to pair your existing desk with a treadmill, it’s best to consider an under-desk treadmill.

However, be sure to consider the step-up height of the treadmill here, as it can otherwise have a direct impact on your health.

Treadmill Workout

Desk Height:

The next thing to consider here is the height of the desk. It is important to have the correct height so that you can work comfortably while walking on a treadmill. Proper ergonomics and desk height will also avoid unnecessary strain on joints and will help in decreasing the potential of fatigue.

The majority of people make a mistake here just to save money. If your tabletop and monitor are at a distance or are placed too low or high, you may end up straining your neck and back. So, maintaining correct posture is crucial. Keep your elbows close to your body.

The monitor at your work desk should be at your eye level. Ensuring these little things will offer you the benefits of using a standing desk treadmill optimally without causing any other health issues.


Will the noise of your treadmill desk distract others at work? You need to consider the treadmill desk noise, especially if you’re working in an open area with many other co-workers. Not only will the treadmill produce noise, but the impact of your footsteps too can distract others.

Additionally, vibrations can occur if your desk is attached to the treadmill. So, you must choose a quality treadmill with quality components to reduce your walking noise.

To be on the safer side, it’s best to include a suspension system with shocks. This will absorb the impact of your walking, thereby reducing the vibrations. Alternatively, don’t attach the desk and treadmill. This will also eliminate the chances of vibrations transferring to the desktop surface.

To minimize the noise, it is always recommended to buy a treadmill that is geared appropriately and is equipped with a large enough motor. Also, check for the manufacturer claims and determine if an independent third party does testing. It’s best to choose a treadmill that is backed by the testing results and certifications, if applicable.


Generally, treadmill desks are safe to use. Still, there are certain risks and concerns associated with safety when it comes to using them. To ensure optimum safety, consider the following:

  1. Maximum Speed Range: Remember, the higher the speed, the higher is the risk. You’ll come across varying maximum speed range settings while exploring the various desk treadmills on the market. But to be safe, it is recommended to choose one with a maximum speed option of 4.0 mph.
  • Side Rails: The side rails run parallel with the belt, so when the belt is in motion, it provides a stable place to stand. However, it is important to note that you won’t find side rails on every treadmill you find on the market. If that’s the case, it can increase the risk of your foot getting imbalanced. So, make sure that the standing desk treadmill you’re planning to purchase includes side rails.
  • Auto Pause Feature: Potential falls occur while walking on a treadmill desk or if someone accidentally steps on the treadmill that is left running. Having an auto-pause feature can benefit here. As soon as you step off the treadmill, it will stop running. This feature is again important from a safety perspective.
  • Walking Belt Markings: If your prospective treadmill has an adequately marked walking belt, it will provide an enhanced visual indication of the belt movement.
  • Step-Up Desk Height: Getting on and off your treadmill will be less risky if the walking surface is closer to the ground. Keep in mind the desk height of your standing workstation.


Ask yourself this question – how frequently are you planning to walk on the standing desk treadmill?

On average, people use it for around 1 to 3 hours per day. There may be some using more than 3 hours per day. So, it’s essential to determine the usage. This will help you purchase a treadmill desk appropriately.

Weight Limit

The weight limit indicates the general capacity of your treadmill. To be on the safer side, it is recommended to select one that comes with a weight capacity of 50 -100 lbs. This will ensure that your treadmill works correctly.

Warranty & Service

Generally, the product manufacturer provides a warranty that includes separate coverage areas like parts, frames, and labor. So, in case if there is any problem during the warranty period, the manufacturer is liable to assist you in finding the problem, shipping the appropriate part for repair, or even send a service technician to complete the repair. It is always recommended to check what type of warranty is provided with the treadmill you’re planning to buy.


Check what you need to do to carry out the maintenance so that you’re able to use it optimally. It’s best to inspect visually and clean your treadmill at least every three months.

Check that the walking belt is centered correctly. Also, lubricate the belt depending on the model you choose. Carrying out basic maintenance can improve the shelf life of your standing desk treadmill.

Considering the above factors will make your selection process easier. However, note that you can mix and match the components when you’re exploring the various models.

To make your search easier, here are some standing desk treadmills that are worth considering. The list mentioned below includes both the under-desk treadmill and the treadmill and the desk, so do your due diligence and choose one depending on your preference and budget.

Our 5 Top Picks for Standing Desk Treadmills

1. Goplus 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill, Installation-Free with Blue Tooth Speaker, Remote Control, APP Control and LED Display, Walking Jogging for Home Office
  • INNOVATIVE 2-IN-1 FOLDING TREADMILL-- Compared to ordinary treadmills, our 2-in-1 Superfit treadmill has 2 modes to meet your different sports needs. When the riser is folded, it can be used as a jogging machine at a speed of 1-4km/h, so you can do other things while walking. When the handrail is raised, the running speed is 1-12km/h and you can run to reach your fitness goal.
  • POWERFUL 2.25HP -- With a powerful and ultra-quiet 2.25HP motor, this Superfit treadmill allows you to walk or run without disturbing others, making it ideal for home and office use. With a sturdy and durable steel frame and multi-layer shield design, it's shock-absorbing and noise-reducing, making your running quieter, safer and more comfortable.
  • NON-SLIP RUNNING BELT & MULTIFUNCTIONAL LED DISPLAY --The 5-layer non-slip texture running belt features a spacious running area(40" x16"), providing an effective and safe cushion for your knees and muscles for a superior running experience. The LED display clearly shows time, speed, distance and calories, monitoring your progress in real time and keeping your movement data at a glance.
  • WITH BLUETOOTH SPEAKER, PHONE HOLDER, REMOTE CONTROL -- Connect the Superfit treadmill to your phone through Bluetooth, so you can play music while you are exercising. You can also use the phone holder to watch videos or chat with friends. The remote control is convenient to adjust the speed of movement and stop instantly.
  • EASY TO MOVE AND STORE -- The compact, foldable design and built-in transport wheels make it easy to move and store this under desk treadmill to save space. And it's out of the box and doesn't need to be installed.(HANDLES NEED TO BE REMOVED BEFORE FOLDING)

If you’re looking for an affordable option to own a desk treadmill, the Goplus under-desk walking treadmill should be your preferred choice.

It falls under the category of treadmills under $500 and goes up to 2.5 miles per hour when you lower down its handrail and around 8 miles hours when it is lifted.

Additionally, the installation process is quick and easy. Its foldable design and built-in wheels make it handy to move and store it at your convenience. The plus features of this treadmill include a built-in Bluetooth speaker, remote control to help you adjust the speed accordingly, and a facility to hold your phone.

2. Umay Portable Treadmill

UMAY Portable Treadmill with Foldable Wheels, Under Desk Walking Pad Flat Slim Treadmill, Sports App, Installation-Free, Remote Control, Jogging Running Machine for Home/Office
  • [SPACE SAVER & EASY TO MOVE] The lightweight treadmill has folding size of 53.74"L×23.6"W×5.9"H, easy to store, perfect for small space home and offcie. You can put it under desk,under bed or under your working table. Two folding wheels allow you to move and carry easily.
  • [0-4 MPH SPEED LEVELS & 12 PROGRAMS] The smart treadmill has 6 speed options. The maximun speed could reach 4MPH. Different speeds allow you to exercise based on you physical condition. You can slow walk after meal, mild jog to strenthen your immune system or fast walk to lose weight. 12 programs make the workout extremely effective.
  • [1.5HP MOTOR & NOISE FREE] 1.5HP Pulse Maximum Motor allows you to excercise at any place without making loud noise. You can excercise at home or even office without bothering anybody. A perfect quite treadmill for home use. The max user weight reaches 198lb(or 90 kg).
  • [ENLARGED RUNNING PLATFORM & SHOCK ABSORPTION DESIGN] The walking treamill offers shock absorption design, allowing you to walk or excercise without damaging your knee or ankle. The 41"×16" walking area gives you a more comfortable experience.
  • [REMOTE CONTROL & SPAX APP CONTROL] This desk treadmill can be controled by remoter. Lightweight remote makes exercise easier. Connected with SPAX App, exercise is more efficient and fun together with coach or multiplayers. Class videos, professional coaches, and data record amaze you. We provide free courses for three months, after which you can choose to renew or not. Enter the password "Umay move it" to have it.

This under-the-desk treadmill is yet another affordable option that you can consider for setting up at your workstation. It comes with wheels, weighs 55 pounds, and is just 6 inches thick. These dimensions make it one of the easiest treadmills to own, especially when you’re facing a space crunch, as you can easily store it upright against a wall.

The multi-layered shock-absorbing running belt and whisper-quiet motor allow it to run silently – another great factor to consider as you won’t be disturbing your co-workers while using it at work.

What’s more? It includes a remote control, goes up to 4 miles per hour, and can be used by people weighing up to 198 pounds. A perfect blend of features you may be looking for in a desk treadmill, right?

3. WALKINGPAD A1 Smart Desk Treadmill

WalkingPad A1 Pro Smart Walk Folding Treadmill Slim Foldable Exercise Fitness Equipment Under Desk Running Walking Pad Outdoor Indoor Gym
  • Free-Of-Installation: Fully assembled out of the box.
  • Foldable Patent: The Folding Minimalist treadmill won the 2019 International Award - Red Dot Design Award and iF DEAIGN AWARD. With a minimum height of only 2.2 inch, length of only 32.3 inch. With convenient transportation wheels to move around without hassle. You could store it in your living room, study, sofa, a small corner or under the bed.
  • Intelligent Speed Control: The running speed is controlled by the human motion trajectory. You can control the speed as needed, restore the state of your outdoor sports.
  • Walking & Working: Walkingpad Walking Machine is designed with a tabletop, which has large surface area of 42.2" x 16.4". You can focus on your work or entertainment while doing exercise.
  • Solid Construction: Frames are made of hight quality steel,this walking machine has 220Lbs weight capacity, two walking boards provides you more comfortable and more sturdy workout experience.

This treadmill is perfect for those who want to own one with a super-sleek design. The smart desk can easily slide under your couch, so it won’t take any extra storage place in your work area. Even after being extremely compact, it still can reach a speed of up to 4 miles per hour.

In 2019, this WALKINGPAD smart desk bagged the Red Dot Design Award for having great features like a minimum height of only 2 inches, a durable stainless-steel frame, a quiet motor, and the ability to be folded in half.

4. Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation Slim Flat Treadmill for Under Desk and Home - SF-T7945,Black
  • FLAT UNDERDESK DESIGN: The Walkstation Slim Treadmill allows you to work up a sweat just about anywhere. Slide it under a desk to stay fit and productive at the same time
  • MEASURE YOUR PERFORMANCE: Measure your Time, Speed, Calories Burned, Steps and Distance on the large 14 x 5 in digital monitor.
  • REMOTE CONTROL: Conveniently adjust the intensity of your workout with the included remote control.
  • UP TO 3. 75 MPH: Get a consistent and steady exercise with speeds of 0. 5 – 3. 75 MPH.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: Go easy on your knees, feet and joints with the treadmill’s built in shock absorbers.

Go with none other than Sunny Health & Fitness Walkstation if you’re in search of a reliable, safe, and affordable treadmill. It comes with great features like a nifty safety feature that will automatically pause the running belt when you step off it or if it doesn’t detect any user after 5 seconds. Also, if the machine is idle for 10 minutes, it enters a power-save mode, meaning you even save on energy.

The built-in shock absorbers allow you to go easy on your feet, knees, and joints. You’ll conveniently be able to adjust the intensity of your workout with the remote control that comes along with it. Lastly, it comes assembled, and you can easily move it around as required as it is on wheels.

5. Rhythm Fun Desk Treadmill

RHYTHM FUN Treadmill Folding Running Treadmill Under Desk Walking Pad Treadmill with Foldable Handtrail Wide Tread Belt Super Slim Mini Quiet Home Treadmill with Smart Remote Control and Workout App
  • 1. 【2-in-1 Fitness models treadmill】 :---Walking & Running treadmill. Unlike normal treadmill, RHYTHM FUN treadmill can be used 2 ways.when treadmill handrail folded, it becomes to under desk treadmill or standing desk treadmill, you can walk while you work with the speed max to 3.7mph=6km/h. when handrail put up,you can running as normally with speed max to 7.5mph=12km/h.
  • 2. 【Folding, space-saving treadmill】:---7“thickness,97lb light weight, only covering less 0.3㎡ small space in your room or office.Compact , foldable, and wheels on the treadmill make the treadmill easier to portable put away after use.Ideal for exercise fitness and home running in USA families.
  • 3. 【Shock absorption & noise reduction design】:---Strong 2.0hp electric motorized DC power motor,silicone structured running board ,7-level soft large running belt,durable steel frame make up the RHYTHM FUN treadmill's AIR shock reduction & noise reduction system.Less noise & safety make your running quiet & comfortable! No matter beginners or seniors!
  • 4. 【Bluetooth Speaker, Smart workout APP & Remote Controller】:----RHYTHM FUN treadmill can be connected phone with bluetooth, play music when running & walking , or watch TV by treadmill phone holder. Also,you can easily monitor and track your workout on smart workout APP & remote controller, setting all kinds favorite trainning program freely.
  • 5. 【3 kinds Easy operate way,Needn't Assembly!】:---Except for Remote & APP control, you can manual control treadmill! One-home button control! Easy& Quick! [wide running belt ]: 50”x18”.[walking speed]: 0.6-3.7MPH [running speed] : 0.6-7.5MPH [meter function]: time, distance, calorie, speed. [standing size]: 61"x 30" x 43" [folding size]: 61"x 30" x8" [User Capacity:】: 220lb [Warranty]:Main Frame: 10 years; Parts: 1 year; Motor: 2 Years !

You can use this space-saving, versatile treadmill in two different ways. Use it as an under-desk treadmill by folding its integrated handrail down. While you position it upward, it can run with a maximum speed of 7.5 miles per hour.

The treadmill has great features like it weighs less than 100 pounds, comes with noise-reduction technology, and absorbs shocks. Additionally, it also comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. There’s also a stand that will hold your smartphone so you can watch your workout videos. The best part is, it is a space-saver and takes up less than 3 square feet when folded.


All of the above-mentioned standing desk treadmill options come with advanced features and functionalities. So, explore them to determine which one is best for you. Consider the above guide, features, reviews and make a purchase decision that proves convenient and favorable for your use.

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