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The Best Machines To Build Your Glutes

Choosing the best booty-building machine (glute machine) for you is difficult, especially when there are so many to select from. Because powerful glutes help your body balance, remain comfortable, and give its maximum athletic performance, it’s critical to make an informed selection.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the gym or simply looking to strengthen your glutes and acquire a bigger butt, this guide can help you choose the best machine for maximum glute strength.

Look no farther than a well-equipped gym if you want to buy the best glute building machine. Because the traditional notion of beauty has evolved to include — and, in some cases, prioritize — a well-shaped backside for both men and women, gyms have reacted by providing glute-focused equipment.

What Do the Glute Muscles Control?

Your glutes are more than just a filler in your tight jeans. Your glutes perform many activities, such as running, jumping, climbing, sprinting, and walking. When you want to move your leg upward to the side, thrust your hips forward, or rotate your hips, your glutes work altogether with the important lower parts of the body muscles including the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and hip abductors to accomplish it.

Your glutes provide support for your back, hips, and lower body. Even when your body is at rest, your glutes give cushioning and balance. Stronger butt muscles enable you to sit more comfortably, maintain balance, and move forward more effectively.

The Best Exercises For Glutes

Donkey Kick

Although they aren’t as popular as they used to be, you’re likely to come across a donkey kick or “glute blaster” machine in any well-equipped gym.

  1. Stand or squat in the machine and place your weight against the machine’s hip pad. To assist steady your torso, some butt blaster machines come with handles.
  2. Place one foot in the rear of the saddle, drawing your leg as high and tall as you can. This gives you the impression that you’re a donkey getting ready to kick out with your hind legs.
  3. Press the footplate gently back and up. (Don’t really go for a forceful kick despite the machine’s name.)
  4. Return to your original position in a fluid, controlled manner.


A slightly raised platform is all that is required for this is the glute exercise. It should be at enough height that your knee bends to a right angle when you place one foot on it.

Raise your body onto the platform by pushing through your heel with your right or left leg. Raise that foot on the elevated surface with your knee bent, then push through your heel to lift your body upward. For a little more glute action, raise your other leg.

Switch legs and lower with the other foot. You may also perform this move with dumbbells for added difficulty. When compared to other similar bodyweight exercises, lateral step-ups have been found to produce some of the greatest glute muscle activation levels. 

Hip Extension

Hip extension machines may be found in a number of configurations; you might stand, bent over a hip rest, or even lie on your back. Finally, the same basic approach should be followed:

  1. Stand in front of the machine with your legs extended and your feet together. The padded leg roll is placed behind your knees, as shown.
  2. Attach the machine’s safety/hip belt around your hips, ensuring that it covers your hip bones and not the soft internal organs at your waist. This keeps your hips in place by keeping them stable.

Adjust your bodyweight as necessary. Keeping your legs straight, push against the soft leg roll to provide resistance. Bend your hips gradually to return to the beginning position and finish the movement.

Glute Bridge

A set of glute bridges is essential in any workout program that aims to target the glutes. It’s a simple bodyweight activity that you may perform with a resistance band or a barbell for extra results.

Make sure you have the correct form so that this activity performs as expected. On the ground, with your feet flat and knees at a 45-degree angle, assume the position. Before raising your hips, engage your core muscles and squeeze your glutes. The hip thrust should extend from your neck to the top of your knees in a straight line.

Keep the hip thrust posture for a few moments before returning you’re lower to the starting position.

The Most Effective Machines For Building Your Glutes

Cable Machine

Although the design of these machines appears to be simple, they are surprisingly versatile. You may use the handle to target your glutes and other lower body muscle groups like the quads and hamstrings by attaching them to your legs. 

The truth is that all you need to do to utilize a cable machine correctly is choose the proper amount of weight. Because the strain on the lower body does not feel as strong as it does on the upper body, leg day is frequently when most lifters add extra plates.

Stair Stepper

The stepper is one of the most effective glute machines, offering a more natural movement than some of the other popular alternatives such as the Smith Machine. The stair stepper is a fantastic method to add some cardio to your glute a day workout without losing muscle growth by long-distance jogging on the treadmill.

The stair stepper can help you avoid knee pain if you use it with the correct form. If your knees are a problem area, press your entire heel down to engage your hamstrings and glutes and relieve strain on your knees.

Leg Press Machine

The leg press is easily one of the finest butt-building equipment available. The leg press allows you to put your glutes and legs in an uncommon position that isn’t possible on cardio equipment like the treadmill. As with any machine, excessive weight may cause it to fail. 

Pay close attention to your lower back and glutes, which should remain pressed against the seat of the leg press machine if you want to work out with good form. Some leg press machines include a location for your hands.


If you’re sick of doing the treadmill, consider switching to the elliptical. Most of this equipment allows you to mimic altitude for a more intense workout and cardiovascular exercise.

On the elliptical, functional strength is king. It’s sort of like a cross between cycling and running on wheels. At the gym, the elliptical may not be a very versatile glute machine, but the exercise it provides easily places it among the top 5 most effective machines for a bigger butt.

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