TRX Door Anchor Guidelines - Get the Most Out of Your TRX

TRX Door Anchor Guidelines – Get the Most Out of Your TRX

If you’ve purchased your TRX Suspension Trainer system, you’ve already reached the halfway mark. After all, these versatile systems are designed to be used anywhere, giving you a creative edge when it comes to home fitness.

They are not only great for strength workouts but are also travel-friendly. So, whether you’re a beginner or a fitness pro already, this system is sure to assist you in reaching your fitness goal.

Once you have purchased this system, the next thing that you need to deal with is mounting.

It is essential to mount it correctly to achieve the best results in terms of space, angles, and motivation. So, consider setting up your trainer in a place that is favorable to achieving results.

You’ll find several ways to mount your system, but today, we’ll discuss one of the most straightforward and portable mounting strategies – the TRX Door Mount. In fact, setting up a TRX door anchor is one of the best ways to secure the suspension trainers.

You can easily set up anywhere if you know the right technique and place to set them.  So, how to do it? Let’s find out.

What Is a TRX Door Anchor?

All you need is a sturdy door without any drills and permanent attachments for this door anchor.

A durable TRX door anchor comes with a padded head that should sit properly over the top of the door. This will, in turn, lock the trainer in place. So, the system will work securely once the doors are closed.

This mounting system is so user-friendly that you can take your trainer on all the business trips without any hassle. Moreover, it is designed to not leave any marks, nor does it damage the door. So, you don’t have to worry about any aesthetic or structural damage. Isn’t that great?

Now, let’s learn how to set up the door anchor.

How to Set Up TRX Door Anchor

As said earlier, setting up the TRX door anchor is pretty simple. All you need is to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully, and you’re good to go.

Step 1:

The first step is simply inspecting the door and ensuring that it is sturdy, the lock is in working condition, and the hinges are secure. You don’t want the door to open on you during the workout, right?

Be sure that the door is made from solid construction and has the potential to support your weight. Never consider sliding doors, glass doors, or wardrobe doors for this purpose.

Step 2:

Once you are sure that the door is secured, it’s time to set the anchor. For this, the TRX door anchor’s padded side should be placed on the top of the door. After placing, slide it down in a way that it is close to the hinge.

Remember, the closer the anchor is to the hinge, the more secure your system is. Also, the anchor should be straight without any loops or twists. Once set, give a gentle pull to confirm that it’s set correctly.

Step 3:

It’s time to close the door and lock it, if possible. Locking your door will give you added security in case the door wasn’t completely closed. Once you have closed the door properly, give another pull to test the anchor.

Step 4:

Last, clip the carabiner end of your suspension trainer into the nylon ring of the door anchor. That’s it. You’re good to go for your training. You can carry out various exercises like chest press, push-ups, and biceps curl with the TRX suspension trainer.

TRX Door Anchor

Safety Tips for Using the TRX Door Anchor

  • Anchor the TRX trainers only on a structurally strong door. It is recommended to go with a solid timber wood door. Alternatively, you may consider plastic or aluminum doors. Choosing vinyl doors or any other doors made of weak and hollow materials may resist damage but only up to a certain extent. For enhanced safety, it’s best to go with wooden doors.
  • Choose the correct side of the door where you think it will be safe and comfortable for you to work out. Once decided, position the TRX straps for the door so that the door is shutting towards and not against you. This will provide an added security as your door will not swing open on pulling on the trainers.
  • As said earlier, anchor the suspension trainers in a way that they are closer to the hinges. This will prove beneficial in two ways – creating greater resistance and avoiding pulling the door open accidentally.
  • After setting up the TRX door anchor, do not start working out straight away. Instead, give some tugs and test it out by doing just a couple of simple exercises. In case of doubts, do not refrain from checking everything again.
  • Also, form a habit of checking the suspension trainers often while working out to ensure that the straps are in perfect condition and are not frayed.


In a nutshell, the TRX door anchor is a perfect addition to your trainer system as it gives you the flexibility of working out anywhere.

It will prove best for those who have space constraints or don’t wish to compromise on their daily workout schedule simply because they are on a business trip. Additionally, the robust design and durability will enable you to reap its benefits for a long time.

However, it is essential to follow the correct steps to ensure your safety and security, even though it may look simple and easy to anchor the TRX to the door.

Apart from ensuring stability, make sure that your suspension trainers are in the right shape and right condition every time you work out.

They should be able to hold your bodyweight properly when they are anchored to the door. Taking care of these things will enable you to have a safe and secure home workout.

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