Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Review: Should You Buy It?

If you head to the gym to use the treadmill regularly, you might be wondering how much time and money you could save by investing in at-home equipment instead. Home treadmills allow you to stay in shape on a flexible exercise schedule, but choosing the right one for your lifestyle and budget can be difficult.

We’re taking a look at one of the lowest-priced home treadmills on the market, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9, to understand its features and construction. Find out the real pros and cons of this compact treadmill and whether it’s worth the eye-catching low price.


Essentially, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is an entry-level folding treadmill intended for light home exercise. Its compact design and low speed make it an ideal choice for walkers or joggers who may not have much exercise space available.

The Cadence lacks most of the bells and whistles you’ll find on the average treadmill, but at an affordable price point on sale from Amazon, this is one of the cheapest home exercise treadmills you’ll find anywhere. Even at a discount, most other treadmills will cost over $800.

If you haven’t heard of Weslo, it’s a brand produced by fitness equipment company Icon Health & Fitness. You may recognize some of Icon’s other fitness brands, including NordicTrack, Pro-Form, and Healthrider. The company is known for its wide range of exercise technology, including ellipticals, weight benches, and stationary bikes.

Design and Build

Space is often a big concern when you’re trying to fit a treadmill into your home. The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is compact and foldable. Lift the running area, lock it, and you free up floor space. Ideal for small spaces, no doubt.

Material Quality and Durability

Durability matters. The last thing you want is for your treadmill to break down after a few runs. Good news: the frame of this treadmill is strong steel. It’s stable and built to last. The belt is sturdy too, ready for long-term use. Your money’s worth? Definitely.

Built-in LCD Display

Keeping track of your fitness is easy with the built-in LCD on this treadmill. You get the basics: speed, distance, time, and calories burned. No need to mess around with too many buttons or settings; it’s all right there for you.


First things first, you’ll notice that the Weslo Cadence is smaller than the average treadmill. Its tread area is only 16” wide and 50” from top to bottom, where a standard track will be at least 20” wide and 55” long. In particular, tall users may find it challenging to keep their walk or jog within the exercise area.

What it lacks in scale, it arguably makes up for in weight. It’s only 118 lbs, and with the wheels on the bottom, Weslo designed this model to be movable between exercise sessions. If you’re dealing with a smaller sized home gym, this treadmill can be quickly folded and stashed away to maximize space.

The track uses Comfort Cell cushioning, which reduces shocks and prevents stress from traveling to your joints. This treadmill should be more comfortable for your body than running on pavement. However, the track is a bit thinner than we’ve seen on other models, and when it moves over the small rollers, it makes the telltale grinding sounds of a budget treadmill. The Cadence won’t be a discreet machine to use in a small space.

It comes with two incline positions, which you’ll need to adjust manually by folding down feet under the end of the deck.

Overall, there aren’t many physical features to speak of, aside from a tablet holder shelf in the console. There is no beverage cup or an accessory tray like you would find in a higher-end model, not even a speaker for playing music. Most of its functionality comes from the iFit app, which the treadmill connects to with BlueTooth.

Construction Specs

  • Enabled for the iFit In-Home Personal Training Experience
  • 2.25 HP Drive System
  • 250 lb Weight Capacity
  • Ten mph top speed
  • 16” x 50” Tread Belt
  • Comfort Cell Cushioning


Perhaps the most impressive feature of this budget treadmill is its inclusion of six programmed workouts—a licensed personal trainer designed these programs to focus on weight loss and intensity training. In our opinion, this is what makes the Cadence stand out the most from other entry-level treadmills.

Users can sync the treadmill with the iFit app, available on the Apple Store and Google Play, to explore more fitness programming. The Cadence comes with a free 1-month subscription to all of iFit’s content, including extra workout routines from certified trainers.

The Cadence also monitors your heart rate while you exercise, which is a helpful perk. You can view your bpm as well as adjust speed settings from 1-10 on the LCD screen. The maximum speed of 10 mph means that this is not an ideal purchase for heavy runners. You’re better off practicing a brisk walk or light jog, especially with such a narrow track.

Like we mentioned before, the 2-position manual incline can be adjusted to bump up the difficulty of your workout, but you’ll have to interrupt your exercise to fold it out.

Most treadmills under $500 only include a short warranty, and this Weslo model is no exception. You’ll get a one year warranty on the drive motor and just a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor, meaning this treadmill is not the most durable investment.


  • Price: Extremely affordable for those who are on a budget
  • Preset Workouts: Six workout programs designed by a fitness trainer.
  • Extra Features: Syncs to online apps.
  • Space-Saver: 64.5″ long and 29″ wide, foldable, and lightweight.
  • Monitor: Tracks heart rate and bpm in real-time on LCD screen


  • Very Small Track: 16″ wide and 50″ long, noticeably smaller than a standard track.
  • Noise: The thin belt, small rollers, and plastic parts create a noisy running experience.
  • Manual Incline: You’ll have to pause a workout to adjust the incline.
  • Warranty: Very short warranty on both motor and parts.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not the most durable or deluxe option on the market, the Cadence stands out to us for its entry-level, user-friendly design. Whether you’re buying your first ever treadmill for a light exercise regimen or your small living space doesn’t allow for bulkier equipment, the Cadence may be an excellent choice for you.

For users over 250 lbs or fitness enthusiasts looking for a more intense running workout, the Cadence is not our best recommendation. If you do purchase this treadmill, bear in mind that the short warranty likely means it won’t stand the test of time.

For all its flaws, the Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is unbeatable at this price. Whatever your exercise goals are, we hope you enjoy lots of brisk walks and light jogs on this lightweight, foldable equipment.