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What Are The Benefits of Performing Oblique Stretches?

Obliques are abdominal muscles that make up part of the torso. The muscles are actually between the pelvis and the ribs. Sometimes oblique stretches can occur.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that having strong abs is near the top of your list. However, having strong abdominal muscles isn’t quite the same as having tight abs. In fact, developing muscular strength in your abdominals can cause a lot of problems with other exercises and workouts.

If your core muscles, in particular the internal and external obliques, as well as the rectus abdominis – known as the six-pack muscle – are not stretched sufficiently and become short and tight, they will cause difficulties with a lot of your other exercises.

What can we really do about it, though? The answer is straightforward; perform Oblique Stretches.

Because of these two factors, the core muscles can quickly get short and tight. Number one: we seldom stretch our abs. Second: we spend a lot of time sitting down. We either sit in a vehicle on our commute to work or at work, and we sit constantly throughout the day. Even at night, we sit quite often. All of this causes these muscles to become somewhat restricted.

Oblique Stretches

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There are many various training routines available. You can discover whatever you need, whether it’s a complete-body workout for guys or women or locally-targeted exercises for regions such as the shoulders, calves, belly, or arms. However, not all of the training programs you may discover on the internet will include safe and well-planned physical activities. For example, some of them might neglect to include a warm-up period, which is critical for promoting healthy muscle growth.

When you begin your warm-up, make sure to incorporate some cardio activity to increase blood flow and ensure that the training is as efficient as possible. Stretching is used in conjunction with cardio to maintain muscle and body structure stability, allowing you to avoid injuries. In this post, you’ll learn about the stretches for the obliques muscle group, why they’re so vital, and how to improve stretching and performance.

Types Of Oblique Stretches

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Here are some oblique stretches you may do during your daily routine for a robust and healthy core. Before taking any stretching, it is advised to warm up your body by doing simple cardio (such as walking briskly, running, swimming, or jumping rope). Never stretch past the point where you experience even a tiny amount of discomfort.

Lying Bent leg Oblique Stretch                   

You may stretch your obliques by twisting and turning your torso. One of the most popular oblique exercises is to lie down and twist your trunk. To do this, bend your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Put the left foot on top of the right foot and extend both arms in a T formation with your upper body.

Keep your arms and legs on the ground, and then slowly lower your legs to the right until you feel a mild ache. Pause for about 15-30 seconds in that position before returning to the beginning.

Put the left foot on top of the right one to complete the sequence, then repeat it on the other side.

Standing Side Bend With Straight Arms

This oblique stretch will not only work your obliques but will also help to realign your front abdominal muscles and other muscles surrounding the spine. The nicest part is that this standing stretch can be done at any time since it does not require anything else than your own body.

Begin by standing with your feet roughly shoulder-width apart. Interlock your hands and keep the palms facing away from you. Now, extend your arms above your head, keeping the elbows straight.

Without bending your knee, lean to the right until you feel a stretch around your waist.

Take a 15-30 second pause. Now, carefully shift to your starting position and repeat the process for the other side.

Yoga Ball Oblique Stretch

Simply turning oneself over a yoga ball on the right side may help to stretch your obliques. Your ribcage and pelvis are separated when you place your side on the ball.

Place them as far apart from each other as possible now.

You can stretch the external obliques if you twist a little and recline. Hold the pose for 15 to 30 seconds on each side, then repeat it on the other side.

Benefits Of Oblique Stretches

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Back Pain Relief And Treatments

Muscles that aren’t stretched stiffen and lose flexibility with time, causing back discomfort. This is why performing lower back and oblique stretches on a daily basis may help or exacerbate back pain.

Improve Your Posture 

Oblique exercises can help you strengthen the muscles that keep your spine in place. This may assist you in maintaining a good posture.

Strong Back

If you don’t have lower back pain, trust us on this: it will affect your life in many ways. Back pain affects almost every individual at some time in their life. Almost every doctor gives a core exercise as well as medication to cure it.

If you do Ab stretches as part of a complete core muscle training program, you will be able to maintain a solid back and drastically reduce your chances of suffering from back pain.

Prepares Your Body For The Training

When you warm up your body before a workout, you prepare the muscles for the following exercise session, which leads to enhanced physical performance and decreased likelihood of injuries.

Build Balanced Core Strength

A strong core is incomplete without powerful obliques, and while most abs workouts focus on the rectus abdominis—often known as your six-pack muscle group—a solid core isn’t complete without strong obliques. For a well-balanced, robust core, do ab exercises along with oblique exercises.

Sports And Other Leisure Activities

Every sport, from football to swimming to cricket to golf to running to squash, requires your back and core muscles to be strong.

You don’t need to be a pro to benefit from developing your back and core muscles. Even if you aren’t going pro, you’ll want them strong enough so that you can participate in all of these activities. Oblique stretching may also be used for core, back muscles, and upper-ab exercises.

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