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X3 BAR Reviews-X3 BAR Results

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic that has shut down the world and limited humans interaction with each other, many regular gym goers have been unable to visit their favorite gym centers to keep up with their body fitness. However, staying fit has been made easy with the X3 Bar. The X3 Bar is also known as the X3 System. It is specifically designed as a home exercise training device.

The materials used in manufacturing X3 Bar include a steel bar and a heavy-duty elastic band. These materials are produced to assist you in performing a series of exercises. It boosts your strength, muscle mass and none density.

The X3 Bar comes with a foot placement plate that gives you the freedom to perform lower body exercises. You can perform the following exercises with X3 Bar:

Standing chest press, Upright row, Biceps curl, Front squat, Bent over row, Calf raise, Standing shoulder press, Overhead press, Triceps pushdown, and Deadlift. Every X3 exercise comprises of just one set performed to absolute fatigue. However, you can do more than one set, but the company directs that it’s generally not needed.

X3 Bar Use Details

  • The Bar: This chrome and steel-plated bar are manufactured to hold about 500 lb worth of force. It comes with a hook on each end. These hooks are attached to the resistant bands. The bars also have ball bearings that allow the bar to rotate while the band holds steady. The ball bearing does not let the band twist during use. Many X3 Bar users have agreed that the bar is impressive and specifically created to carry a lot of weight.
  • The Bands: The X3 Bar comes with four heavyweight resistance bands. The bands are manufactured to withstand more resistance than ordinary bands. X3 Bar bands are made from a double layer of extra thick latex. Each band is designed to hold the following resistance: heavyweight, 60 to 150 lbs; middleweight, 50 to 120lbs; lightweight, 25 to 80 lbs; super lightweight, 15 to 50 lbs. You can double the resistance of the band by doubling the band. For example, if you double the lightweight band, the resistance will be 160 lbs. You can use the bands together to put the resistance at certain lbs when you exercise. X3 Bar also has an elite band’ which can be bought separately. This elite band gives you 200 to 300 variable resistance, and when you double it, it will provide you with over 500 lbs.
  • The Footplate: The footplate has a comfy feeling on the foot. It comes with a high-density polyethene surface that is designed to hold the band in place. The use of the footplate makes performing exercises like shoulder presses and biceps curls more comfortable. This footplate is manufactured to hold about 500 lb weight. This makes it complement the extra-strong resistance bands perfectly.

Reasons Why You Should Get the X3 Bar

Think X3 Bar, Think Variable Resistance

First of all, how does the X3 Bar variable resistance work? You might have come across the phrase variable resistance’ while going through some internet contents without knowing what it means. Variable resistance takes place when the tension on your muscles change as you perform an exercise.

There is less resistance when you start the rep or exercise and become more when you are almost done with the rep or exercise. For instance, when performing the standing chest press exercise with the latex fitness band that comes with the X3 Bar, the band gives you little resistance at the beginning of the push but resistance increases as you continue to push further.

This happens because the fitness bands are stretched. The X3 bands give you the most tension and resistance when you are at the top of the exercise; this is the moment when all your elbows are completely locked out.

You can find a variable resistance machine in almost all fitness centers. It’s a common sight in these fitness centers. Variable resistance machines such as shoulder presses, leg presses, chest press machines, and so on give you all the help you require when you are at your weakest strength and less help when your strength is at its strongest. This is the kind of variable resistance that the X3 Bar latex fitness bands give you.

Variable resistance machines like the X3 Bar works differently from the way free weight works. Free weights like dumbbells and barbells give you continuous resistance. For instance, if you use the 25-pound dumbbell in performing a biceps curl, the resistance will be 25 pounds at the beginning

and still remain at 25 pounds after the completion of the exercise. What this means is that the resistance remains unchanged throughout the exercise period; it is constant and does not vary.

The X3 Bar system changes the philosophy of variable resistance. It makes the philosophy much better because it puts your joints under less pressure and stress when you are at your weakest point and put the joints under severe stress and pressure at points in the range of motion when your strength is at the strongest level. This makes a whole lot of sense because it reduces the risk of injuries during exercise.

There have been several debates about which is better between constant resistance and variable resistance. We say that both are good, but variable resistance makes more sense.

Portability Is Key

The X3 Bar is a very portable home exercise kit that can be taken anywhere. If you are a man who loves outdoor camping with his family and doesn’t want to miss his morning exercise hours, get yourself the X3 Bar system and the size will amaze you. You might want to go for dumbbells while camping, but we all know that dumbbells aren’t portable. And one advantage that X3 Bar has over the dumbbell is its variable resistance feature.

All-Around Body Improvement

The X3 Bar System is the perfect workout equipment when it comes to weight. It is a force multiplier that adds more muscle to your biceps and triceps. X3 Bar’s variable resistance feature fires muscle stabilizers to all your body systems.

X3 BAR Reviews-X3 BAR Results