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Powertec Power Rack Review

With the rise in working out without the gym membership, more people are turning to in-home gym alternatives. Using a home gym means you don’t have the same equipment you might find at an established gym, but it also means you can choose what you want to use and what equipment to buy. To get the most use out of your space, you might want to consider getting the Powertec […]

Best Roman Chairs

Do you wish you could go to the gym and take advantage of all of the equipment? While the best roman chair might not replace everything, it’s a great start or addition to your home gym. There are tons of chairs on the market, but some are better than others. Take a look at the best options before you buy one. The Best Roman Chairs When looking at roman chairs, […]

FITNESS REALITY 810XLT Super Max Power Rack Cage with Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable Attachment Review

Anyone in the fitness industry can recognize the benefits of a good weight-lifting cage. These multi-purpose pieces of gym equipment are the next level for workout enthusiasts, and one of the best on the market is the Fitness Reality 810XLT. For this review, we’re starting from the ground up—for all levels of gym-goer. We’ll take a look at the quick stats for this power rack cage, who Fitness Reality is, […]

Best Lat Pulldown Machines

The best lat pulldown machines should be able to match your growth by having scalable workout intensities. They should also be stable and sturdy in construction to make them safe to use. The frame should sit flat on the ground, in no danger of sliding. A good machine should be easily adjustable to match your height and build. The Best Lat Pulldown Machines Considering the size, load capacity, versatility, and […]

Amazon Halo Review

Amazon Halo is Amazon’s new activity tracker device designed for overall health and wellness improvement. It comes with the option of a subscription service for expanded features, and its goal is to hone in on your readings, from heart rate to exercises to sleep patterns. The Amazon Halo boasts a wide array of capabilities, so let’s break it down and see if it delivers on its claims. Look and Feel […]

Best Fitness Gadgets for 2021

If you buy the right fitness gadgets, you can make exercise more effective and more fun. You might use fitness watches and trackers to see how many calories you are burning and how fast your heart beats at peak intensity. With the gyms closed in many places, you can also buy at-home fitness machines to stay in shape this winter. 1) Fitbit Ace The Fitbit Ace is one of the […]

Persona Vitamin Pack Reviews

Vitamins flush your body with essential nutrients. This not only boosts your immune system but can aid with strengthening your bones and even reverse aging. While they have plenty of advantages, it can be challenging to determine the right ones for your needs. If you take too much or too little, the vitamins might cause serious side effects. On the other hand, you might not be taking the best options […]