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Powertec Power Rack Review

With the rise in working out without the gym membership, more people are turning to in-home gym alternatives. Using a home gym means you don’t have the same equipment you might find at an established gym, but it also means you can choose what you want to use and what equipment to buy. To get the most use out of your space, you might want to consider getting the Powertec […]

Skincare Capsules and their Uses

What Are Skincare Capsules and How Do You Use Them?

If you’re an avid traveler and don’t want your uncertain schedule to ruin your skincare routine, on-the-go products like skincare capsules prove to be a lifesaver. These capsules have soared in popularity, and for a good reason – they are travel-friendly, target individual skincare concerns, provide loads of healthy benefits, and much more. So, what are these capsules, and how should you use them? Keep reading to learn how they […]


BCAA vs EAA: Which Is the Key to Muscle Growth?

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and they help build muscles. They also cause chemical reactions in the body and carry out other functions as well. Amino acids are essential, especially to athletes and other fitness enthusiasts. Currently, there’s a heated debate between BCAA vs EAA. If you are not familiar with what these two are, read on and educate yourself. What Is EAA? You won’t understand BCAA […]

Your First Standing Desk Treadmill

Your First Standing Desk Treadmill – Experts’ Guide to Getting Started

Are you spending a major part of your day at a desk? There’s a lot of evidence stating the dangers of sitting long – it can increase the risk of health issues like back pain, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. While you may not have any option to change your work style, there are many other things that you can do to add movements when at work […]

Best Roman Chairs

Do you wish you could go to the gym and take advantage of all of the equipment? While the best roman chair might not replace everything, it’s a great start or addition to your home gym. There are tons of chairs on the market, but some are better than others. Take a look at the best options before you buy one. The Best Roman Chairs When looking at roman chairs, […]

FITNESS REALITY 810XLT Super Max Power Rack Cage with Lat Pull Down and Low Row Cable Attachment Review

Anyone in the fitness industry can recognize the benefits of a good weight-lifting cage. These multi-purpose pieces of gym equipment are the next level for workout enthusiasts, and one of the best on the market is the Fitness Reality 810XLT. For this review, we’re starting from the ground up—for all levels of gym-goer. We’ll take a look at the quick stats for this power rack cage, who Fitness Reality is, […]

Best Lat Pulldown Machines

The best lat pulldown machines should be able to match your growth by having scalable workout intensities. They should also be stable and sturdy in construction to make them safe to use. The frame should sit flat on the ground, in no danger of sliding. A good machine should be easily adjustable to match your height and build. The Best Lat Pulldown Machines Considering the size, load capacity, versatility, and […]

Probiotics for Men for Digestive Health and Immunity

10 Best Probiotics for Men for Digestive Health and Immunity

Probiotics are essential for human health. Both men and women require them to boost their digestion and general health. While present in various foods, most people prefer to take them in the form of supplements since they help produce more of the healthy bacteria that you need in your body. Probiotics are especially vital in men’s health. They help improve your digestive function and keeps your immune system in optimal […]

Biotin vs Collagen

Biotin vs Collagen: Which One Should You Choose?

Biotin and collagen supplements have both gained popularity in the last decade. If you are looking for a supplement to promote hair and skin health, you may be wondering which of the two to choose. This article will discuss in detail what collagen is, what biotin is, the benefits of each, and how supplementation would help. Read on: Collagen Below is all you need to know about collagen and collagen […]

Whey Protein Before Bed

Whey Protein Before Bed – Are There Any Benefits?

Whey protein is commonly used as supplementation to improve lean muscle mass growth and boost muscle protein synthesis. But what is it? Milk is made of two proteins: whey and casein protein. Whey can be a by-product of cheese making, and it’s considered a complete protein because it contains all essential nine amino acids. More so, it has low lactose content. Early mornings are considered the best time for exercises […]