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benefits of vibration plates

What Are the Benefits of Training With a Vibration Plate Machine?

When it comes to fitness, the vibration plate machine has a lot of buzz. It promises weight loss, increased muscle tone, enhanced blood flow, and more. So what are the real benefits of training with a vibration plate? Despite all that hype, don’t expect it to do everything for you. It’s a great tool to get started with, but you won’t achieve results if you don’t put the work in. […]

smart fitness

What Is Smart Fitness?

There are a lot of questions that one might be asking when it comes to what is smart fitness. The first thing that might be considered is if it is a real thing or just some marketing gimmick. Well, let’s try to explain what is smart fitness and how it can benefit you. Smart fitness is not a gimmick Smart fitness equipment isn’t for nothing. In fact, the average Joe […]

What Do Amino Acids Do For Workouts?

It is important to know what do amino acids do if you are a serious athlete. Did you know that your body needs a total of 20 different types of amino acids in order to function and grow the way it should? Do you know what amino acids do for your body? In a nutshell, amino acids are organic compounds that are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. […]

green superfood supplements

Best Way to Take Green Superfood Supplements

If you are one of many people who don’t eat the recommended daily dose of vegetables, you may have heard of green superfood supplements. Chances are, you’re probably using one already as a part of your daily meal plan. The thing is, green powders are a healthy food supplement that have numerous health benefits for your body. But it should not be a substitute for real food, more precisely, whole […]

best detox kit

Best Home Detox Kits to Cleanse Your System

You have turned over a new leaf. After weeks of promising yourself that you were going to change your lifestyle, you have begun the process. You initiated a regular exercise routine, started taking your daily supplements, and prepared healthy meals. Yet, you still want to wash your body completely of your past sins. It is time for you to perform a detox cleanse. What Is a Detox Cleanse? To properly […]

Is the Keto Diet Dangerous?

The keto diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that’s become popular in recent years. Some people even follow a vegan ketogenic diet, which limits animal products. The exact reason for this isn’t known, but it’s suspected that the keto diet’s very low carb intake may cause seizures by depriving the brain of glucose—a type of sugar that serves as its primary fuel source. Research shows that following a keto diet […]

weight loss myths

The Top Weight Loss Myths

If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ve probably heard some of these myths about weight loss. But here’s the real scoop on each one: Myth 1: You can exercise your way to weight loss. The first myth we’re going to dispel is the idea that you can exercise your way to weight loss. This is a common misconception because it seems like an easy solution: run more and eat less! […]

Differences Between the Keto and Paleo Diets

Introduction The keto and paleo diets are both popular diet choices. They’re both based on eating a high-fat, low-carb diet and have many health benefits. However, one of the most important things to remember when deciding which diet is best for you is that no one diet can work for everyone—you’ll have to find what works for your body. The keto and paleo diets are both popular diet choices Both […]

How to Build an Effective Home Gym

Introduction If you’ve been thinking about building a home gym, it’s time to start planning your space. A good home gym can be the key to getting fit and staying healthy, but it doesn’t come easy. In fact, there are some things you should consider before breaking ground on your new home gym space: Start with the basics. The first step to building an effective home gym is to determine […]

blue clock which woman make a Intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting 101: How to Do It the Right Way

When factoring in the wealth of weight loss and health trends, differentiating the unsafe ones from the reliable options can be an uphill battle. After all, it seems like a new trend crops up every other day, for instance, the Cookie Diet and Baby Food Diet, both of which seem unreal. The problem with most of the fad diets is that they’re unproven, realistic, and restrictive for anyone to maintain […]