Best Waterproof Splint for Jammed Finger

Best Waterproof Splint for Jammed Finger

Jammed fingers can be really painful. If you’ve ever closed a door on your finger or hit it while playing sports, you know how much it hurts! When this happens, using a splint can help your finger heal in the right way. But what if you still need to wash dishes, take a shower, or swim? Waterproof Splint for Jammed Finger can be your best friend.

Best Waterproof Splint for Jammed Finger

A jammed finger might seem like a small inconvenience, but anyone who’s experienced it knows how painful and troublesome it can be. Whether you’ve caught your finger while playing a game, working with tools, or simply during daily activities, the discomfort can be hard to bear. That’s where a splint comes in, providing support and allowing the finger to heal properly.

But what if your day involves water, like washing, showering, or swimming? A regular splint might not do the trick.

Best Waterproof Splint for Jammed Finger

Dr. Frederick’s Original Trigger Finger Splint

Dr. Frederick’s Original Trigger Finger Splint is one of the best Waterproof Splint for Jammed Finger. Unlike other products in the market with uncomfortable, sharp edges, this brace was crafted with doctor-designed padding to ensure premium comfort.

The finger brace fits the middle, index, and ring finger, and is adjustable for both hands, guaranteeing a perfect fit. With long Velcro straps and a fully adjustable design, it adapts to various finger sizes and problems. Most users have reported instant pain relief, and continued use can reduce inflammation causing pain.


  • Premium Padded Comfort
  • Fits Multiple Fingers
  • Offering immediate relief from discomfort, it’s especially effective for conditions like a trigger finger, arthritis, mallet finger, or a broken finger.

Sopito Finger Splint

The Sopito Finger Splint offers effective support for various finger injuries, including sprains, fractures, and dislocations. Made with a solid aluminum sheet and soft sponge lining, this finger support features adjustable belts and ventilation holes for breathability and comfort.

The combination of different sizes ensures a fit for both adults and children, and the splint can be worn on either hand, providing a comfortable yet secure healing environment.


  • The Sopito finger splint offers immobilization and protection for injured or broken fingers, aiding in quicker healing and keeping the joints in a good position.
  • Premium Materials: Made with solid aluminum and soft sponge lining, it provides a comfortable and breathable experience, with adjustable belts for ease of wear.
  • Fits Most Fingers: Versatile design to fit thumb, forefinger, ring, middle, and little finger for both adults and children and can be worn on either hand.
  • Comfortable & Breathable: The ventilation design ensures comfort for all-day wear, alleviating finger discomfort and pain even when sleeping.

Vive Finger Splint

Vive Finger Splint is designed to aid in the recovery from injuries like sprains, arthritis, and swelling. The Universal Finger Splint 2 Pack stabilizes and supports the affected finger, promoting natural healing.

Its adjustable design fits most adult fingers, and the sturdy aluminum splints provide optimal support. Lightweight and breathable, it’s suitable for daily wear and offers a comfortable solution for healing.


  • Recover Faster Using a Trusted Brand: Vive Universal Finger Splint 2 Pack provides support for injured or sprained fingers, promoting natural recovery and relieving various conditions.
  • Flexible Fit for Four Fingers: This splint accommodates most adult fingers, suitable for index, middle, ring, and pinky fingers, and can be worn on either hand.
  • Comfortable Pain-Relieving Support: Sturdy yet lightly padded, this splint can be worn day and night for optimal recovery. Its breathable design adds to the comfort.
  • Ideal for Daily Wear: Easily adjustable, the Vive finger splint is lightweight and perfect for immobilizing support throughout daily activities.

POTACHIKE Metal Finger Splint

POTACHIKE’s Metal Finger Splint is adjustable to fit the middle, index, and ring fingers and helps reduce inflammation that causes pain. Its simple operation allows easy adjustment, while the solid aluminum plate ensures lightness and breathability. Designed to alleviate discomfort, it’s suitable for various conditions, from mallet fingers to joint dislocation. With its combination of splint and brace, this product guarantees daily comfort and protection.


  • Fits Various Fingers: Designed to adjust and fit index, middle, ring, or pinky fingers, it provides targeted relief for conditions like arthritis, mallet finger, or injury.
  • Pain Relief: This splint is engineered to reduce inflammation, aiding in pain relief for various conditions such as sprains, fractures, and dislocations.
  • Simple Operation: Easily adjustable, the splint’s intuitive design makes it suitable for various uses including sports, post-surgery support, or as a night splint.
  • Light, Hard, and Breathable: Constructed from solid Aluminum, it’s lightweight yet sturdy, with a ventilation design that enhances comfort during all-day wear.

Dr.Welland Reversible Thumb

The Dr.Welland Reversible Thumb is designed with 3D patented breathable fabric for comfort and a bendable splint for efficient stabilization. Perfect for both daily activities and sleep, it supports and stabilizes the injured thumb and helps relieve pain from arthritis, tendinitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and more. Its universal and adjustable design, along with easy use, makes it a versatile and useful tool for recovery.


  • Breathable Fabric: Made with 3D patented breathable fabric, the Dr.Welland Reversible Thumb offers skin-friendly comfort without restricting movement, keeping the injured area dry.
  • Bendable Splint: The splint’s flexibility allows efficient stabilization of the weak or injured thumb while enabling free movement of other digits, accommodating daily activities.
  • Perfect Fit with Adjustable Strap: Featuring two adjustable straps and firm, durable buckles, this splint ensures customized compression and multifunctional use.
  • Thumb Pain Relief: Designed for a wide range of conditions, it helps stabilize and support the thumb, providing relief from ailments like arthritis, tendinitis, swelling, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and more.

ZJchao 4-sided Finger Splints

ZJchao’s 4-sided Finger Splints feature a unique 4-sided fix design for firm grip and alignment. The padded aluminum splint offers a lightweight, comfortable, and breathable solution for a variety of finger issues like bending, dislocation, and osteoarthritis. Ideal for both day and night wear, it’s available in three sizes and designed to promote better recovery from injuries, making it a practical choice for healing support.


  • 4-Sides Fix Type Splint Design: This unique design can shape a firm grip, providing alignment and orthopedic support, promoting healing while reducing pain and discomfort.
  • Padded Aluminum Splint: Lightweight yet sturdy, the aluminum body with foam lining is highly breathable and comfortable, making it suitable for extended wear.
  • Unique Pliable & Malleable Design: Ideal for treating a variety of conditions, from finger stiffness and osteoarthritis to mallet finger and joint dislocation, it offers versatility and convenience.

Can you shower with a finger splint on?

Many finger splints are crafted with waterproof or water-resistant materials, allowing you to take a shower without removing the splint. Some may even be designed to be worn in water to assist with cleaning the injury. However, it’s always best to check the specific instructions that come with your finger splint or consult with a medical professional.

If the splint is not meant to get wet, you may need to cover it with a waterproof protector or remove it temporarily while showering. Keeping the splint dry will prevent any possible discomfort or damage to the splint itself, ensuring that it continues to provide the support necessary for your healing process.

How do you get a finger splint to stay on?

Choose the Right Size

Make sure that the splint you choose is the appropriate size for your finger. A splint that is too big or too small can slide off or cause discomfort.

Adjust Properly

Many finger splints come with adjustable straps or Velcro that allow you to customize the fit. Adjust these to a snug but comfortable fit to keep the splint in place.

Use Medical Tape

If your splint still seems to move, you can secure it with medical tape. Wrap the tape around the splint and your finger, making sure not to make it too tight.

Follow Care Instructions

Read the instructions that come with the splint and follow them closely. They will often provide specific guidance on how to secure the splint properly.

Check Regularly

Periodically check to make sure that the splint is still in the correct position, especially after a lot of hand movement. Adjust as needed to keep it in place.

Consult a Medical Professional

If you’re still having trouble keeping the splint on, don’t hesitate to consult a healthcare provider. They can help you find the best solution for your specific situation.


From the practical designs with premium materials to the innovative features that cater to various finger-related issues, there’s a splint out there to suit just about every need. We delved into some of the best options available, each promising relief, support, and the added benefit of waterproofing – a real game-changer when it comes to daily convenience.