What Headphones Does Cbum Use

Cbum, also known as Chris Bumstead, is a big name in the bodybuilding world. He’s got the muscles and the titles to prove it. In fact, he’s won the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique title more than once. That’s like the Super Bowl of bodybuilding. He’s also a big hit on social media. People love his workout videos and lifestyle tips. With all those followers, he’s turned into a fitness icon.

A short answer – Cbum uses Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones. These are top-notch for sound quality. They fit well and can last a long time without needing a charge. Plus, they won’t get ruined by sweat, so they’re good for the gym too.

Who is Cbum (Chris Bumstead)

Chris Bumstead, widely known as Cbum, holds a strong position in bodybuilding. From Canada, this individual has left a noticeable mark in the bodybuilding industry. His muscular build is the talk of the fitness community. First competing in his late teens, Cbum later achieved the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique title, securing his spot in the limelight.

Over time, he has clinched additional titles, making his list of achievements long. His dedication to bodybuilding is intense, as evident from his daily training sessions. The physique that you see on him comes from persistent hard work and a regimented diet.

His Influence on Social Media

Cbum has a strong online presence. His followers number in the millions. His primary platform is Instagram, featuring pictures of his daily life, workout routines, and meal plans. YouTube is another channel where he is active. Here, he posts videos that offer insights into his everyday life, including fitness advice and general well-being tips.

What Headphones Does Cbum Use

Cbum uses Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones for his music and fitness needs. These headphones are top-grade in terms of sound quality, comfort, and battery life. They are also designed to be sweat-resistant, making them perfect for gym use.

If you’re curious about what tech Cbum uses to fuel his workouts or just chill, now you know it’s Beats Studio3. These headphones are a perfect mix of style and functionality. The comfort level is high, ensuring that they can be worn for long periods without any issues. The battery life is long-lasting, meaning you don’t have to worry about charging them all the time.

Why Beats Studio3 Is a Good Choice for Gym-Goers

Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones are built tough. That means they can take a bit of a beating during intense workouts. No need to worry about them falling apart when you need them the most. They are made to last.

Battery life is a big deal when you’re at the gym. You don’t want your headphones dying in the middle of a workout. Beats Studio3 offers long battery life, so you can enjoy your tunes or podcasts for hours. That’s one less thing to worry about when you’re trying to focus on your exercise.

These headphones resist sweat. Sweat is a part of any good workout, but it can be a problem for many headphones. Beats Studio3 is designed to handle it. The sweat-resistant feature ensures that you can go hard in the gym without damaging them.

Beats Studio3 is a reliable pick for anyone who spends a lot of time in the gym. Durable build, long battery life, and sweat resistance make them well-suited for an active lifestyle. They deliver what they promise and they do it well.

Alternatives to Beats Studio3

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

These headphones deliver high-end noise-canceling tech alongside premium audio performance.


  • Strong noise canceling
  • Comfortable fit
  • Long-lasting battery

Anker Soundcore Life Q30

A budget-friendly option with solid performance, great for those who want good quality without breaking the bank.


  • Multiple EQ settings
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price

JBL Free X

Known for their strong bass and reliable wireless connection, these earbuds provide an adequate alternative for gym-goers.


  • Good bass quality
  • Easy wireless connection
  • Reasonable price

Final Words

Cbum opts for the Beats Studio3, it’s not the only worthy choice out there. Whether you value noise cancelation, battery life, or cost, multiple options can meet your needs. Your ultimate pick should align with your specific requirements and lifestyle.