Best Squat Racks for Small Space

Best Squat Racks for Small Space: Train at Home 2021

The global pandemic—and the quarantine lockdowns that followed—flipped the day-to-day routines so many of us relied on to stay healthy. That’s why a lot of people have started looking into how they could bring a gym experience into their home. 

When working with a small space, squat racks are a good starting point. When it comes to squat racks, reliability is key for a safe and positive experience. Whether small and foldable or more prominent in design, it’s the kind of equipment that you’ll want to hold up under pressure. Here are our top five five picks for 2021.

1. Body Champ Power Rack System 

While larger than others on the list, the Body Champ Power Rack System is a great option for a squat rack that combines well with other equipment for a more customizable experience. The base frame is designed so that you can keep all the accessories on the rack. The frame’s four floor anchors provide extra stability. It is stable and sturdy enough to support up to 300 pounds of load—and at a little under seven feet—it’s a great fit for both men and women. 

It can be combined with other Body Champ products (sold separately) like a bench, resistance bands, weights, and more. The upper connecting bar is good for pull-ups, hanging leg raises’, extensions, and similar exercises.


  • Dimensions: 82”-37”(43”)-45.5”
  • Load cap: 300 pounds
  • Mount: Four floor anchors


-Very customizable and combinable with other equipment

-Storage system saves space

-Easy set-up

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