High Top Converse for Lifting

Best 5 High Top Converse for Lifting 2023: Finding the Perfect Pair

I bet many of you are familiar with High Top Converse. Yeah, those trendy, timeless shoes that have strutted the streets for decades. But have you ever thought about using High Top Converse for Lifting? You might be surprised to know that some lifters swear by them!

High Top Converse isn’t just a fashion statement. These shoes have been around the block and have found their way into the weightlifting scene. Their flat, sturdy soles provide a solid foundation that can be great for deadlifts, squats, and other strength exercises. They’re simple, and they get the job done, no flashy tech is required.

High Top Converse for Lifting

But are they really the right fit for lifting? What makes them suitable, and what might hold them back? In this article, We’ll see

Are High Top Converse Good for Lifting?

High Top Converse shoes are definitely a fashion favorite, but what about their use in the gym? Let’s break it down

Flat Sole

Converse shoes come with a flat and sturdy sole. When you’re lifting heavy weights, a flat sole can give you a solid connection with the ground, helping you keep your balance.

Ankle Support

The high-top design of these shoes offers support to the ankle. It can be handy if you want a bit more stability during your lifts.


Compared to specialized lifting shoes, Converse can be a budget-friendly option. If you’re just starting or don’t want to spend a lot on gym gear, this could be a good pick.


They might not be as flexible as some other training shoes, but they still offer a good range of motion. You won’t feel trapped in them!

Not Specialized

So, the simple answer is yes, High Top Converse can be good for lifting. They provide stability, and support, and won’t break the bank. But they might not be the best choice for everyone. Think about your own needs and what you feel comfortable with. After all, the right lifting shoes for you should fit not just your feet but also your lifting style!

Best 5 High Top Converse for Lifting

1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top

The Chuck Taylor All Star High Top is an iconic shoe with a long history of being worn by athletes. It has become a favorite choice for lifters, primarily because of its flat sole and high ankle support. The canvas material provides a comfortable yet snug fit, and the overall design makes it suitable for various activities, not just lifting.


  • Versatile and Stylish: Fits well with casual outfits.
  • Budget-Friendly: Affordable for most people.
  • Durable: Long-lasting materials.


  • Lacks Cushioning: Might be uncomfortable during prolonged use.
  • Not Specialized for Lifting: Though popular, it’s not specifically designed for lifting.

2. Converse Chuck 70 High Top

The Chuck 70 High Top offers an upgraded version of the classic design. With a thicker sole and better cushioning, it’s more comfortable for lifting. The canvas upper ensures flexibility, making it a functional choice for serious lifters who also care about aesthetics.


  • Enhanced Comfort: Improved cushioning and support.
  • Stylish Design: Retains the classic Converse look.
  • Good for All-day Wear: Suitable for both the gym and daily wear.


  • Pricey: Compared to the original Chuck Taylor, it’s more expensive.
  • Still Not Specialized: Though improved, still not exclusively designed for lifting.

3. Converse Pro Leather High Top

The Pro Leather High Top provides a luxurious touch with its leather construction. The added padding around the ankle area offers even more support during heavy lifts. Its design is sleek and elegant, giving it a more professional appearance while maintaining its lifting functionality.


  • High-quality Materials: Made with leather for a premium feel.
  • Extra Ankle Support: Better stability during lifts.
  • Elegant Look: Suitable for various occasions.


  • Expensive: Costs more due to the leather construction.
  • Less Breathable: Leather may cause more sweating.

4. Converse One Star High Top

The One Star High Top stands out with its unique suede design and star branding. Its sole offers good traction, crucial for lifting exercises. The overall construction ensures a balance between comfort, functionality, and style, making it a suitable choice for lifters who want something different.


  • Distinctive Design: Stands out in a crowd.
  • Comfortable Fit: Suede provides a snug fit.
  • Functional for Lifting: Good grip and stability.


  • Care Required: Suede needs more care and maintenance.
  • Not Suitable for Heavy Lifting: Might lack support for very heavy weights.

5. Converse Jack Purcell High Top

The Jack Purcell High Top is a refined version of the classic, with a sleek and smart appearance. The rubber sole ensures grip and stability, and the breathable design keeps your feet comfortable. It blends fashion and function, making it a good choice for those who want to lift in style.


  • Sophisticated Appearance: Looks smart and elegant.
  • Functional for Lifting: Provides necessary stability.
  • Comfortable: Designed for prolonged use.


  • Costly: A more expensive option.
  • Not Ideal for Intense Lifting: Might lack the support required for very heavy lifting.

High Top Converse for Lifting offers a blend of style, comfort, and function that can meet the needs of various lifters. Whether you’re just starting your lifting journey or are a seasoned pro, there’s likely a Converse High Top that fits your needs and taste. From the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star to the luxurious Pro Leather, each pair has its unique flair and function.