Orange Whip Trainer Drills

Orange Whip Mid-Size Golf Swing Trainer Aid for Improved Rhythm, Flexibility, Balance, Tempo, Swing Plane, and Strength, Patented and Made in USA, 43.5"
  • #1-RATED ORIGINAL GOLF TRAINING AID: Don’t settle for imitations. The Orange Whip Trainer has been voted the #1 teaching and training aid by golf professionals for a reason—it’s the best. Our Mid-Size golf trainer simulates driver motion for short players and iron motion for tall golfers.
  • MID-SIZE GOLF TRAINING EQUIPMENT: Our Mid-Size golf swing training aid is 43.5" in length, making it easy for seniors, women, teens, shorter players, and beginners to handle comfortably. The perfect warm-up tool, our golf aid helps improve your range of motion and strengthen your swing power.
  • PATENTED COUNTERBALANCED SHAFT SWING SYSTEM: Swing our trainer next to the others and feel the difference thanks to our patented counterbalanced swing system that cannot be copied. The counterbalance provides the necessary feedback to increase flexibility, train coordination, and maximize core golf fitness.
  • GET READY TO PLAY: Get instant feedback from our trainer! Any wobbling feeling in your swing indicates a need to improve tempo, balance, and swing plane. Plus, the proprietary flexible shaft coordinates your upper and lower body for a consistent swing with full force, resulting in precise shots.
  • MADE IN THE USA: The difference with Orange Whip is the quality you can feel. Our premium-quality golf trainers are handmade in the USA with American parts. Each tool features a patented counterbalanced and flexible shaft swing system that’s built for endurance and long-lasting performance.

Finding the right training tool for a better golf swing is no easy task. The problem isn’t that there are not enough swing trainers, in fact there is an influx of options on the market. This makes it hard to narrow down on one tool. Enter the Orange Whip Golf Trainer – probably the most popular swing trainer out there today. This training aid resembles a flexible golf club with an orange plastic ball fixed on the end. The idea of an orange ball instead of a club head is that this ball acts as a counterweight.

Many golfers have described it as the perfect tool for low impact workout. You swing it just like you would with a golf club. The tool will give you instant feedback on the quality of your swing. If it wobbles as you swing, it means that something needs improvement. You can use it for warming up, improving your clubhead speed, creating more lag in your swing, enhancing your flexibility and range of motion and increasing strength in your core muscles.

When most people hear what this little guy is capable of, the first question they ask is how? The answer is simple, by simply swinging it! Okay, there’s more to it than just casual swings and this article will shed some light on some of the best Orange Whip Trainer Drills.

Should I Swing a Weighted Golf Club?

Definitely! An ESPN show called Sports Science did a little experiment where they measured the golf driving distance that a PGA tour golfer hit after his usual warm-up. The golfer then did a few more swings with a heavier club and the distance was measured again. The pro agreed that his normal club felt much lighter and he felt that he was swinging the regular club measurably faster.

From this study, we can conclude that using the Orange Whip trainer as a long-term training tool can boost your game in a number of ways – improve strength, technique and flexibility. This tool uses 3 fundamental learning styles – hear it, see it and feel it. Focus on the style that suits how you best learn.

Whether you are a beginner or a tour player, using this effective and time-efficient tool lets you feel if your swing is actually in balance and rhythm. The practical design blended with a flexible shaft and counter-weight system work together to provide a natural golf swing motion unique to every golfer.

Benefits Of Using An Orange Whip Trainer

The Orange Whip trainer requires a minimal amount of space meaning you can use it indoors without compromising its exceptional performance. Just make sure there’s enough space to swing freely in all directions. You can work out with it all year round without worrying about daylight and weather conditions outside. What’s more, is that you only need 5-10 minutes of training time per day if you have little time to practice. The minimum time requirement makes it easy to incorporate these drills into your schedule.

Drills are a perfect way to remember your basics and fundamentals of what you are trying to accomplish with your swing. But there are several drills out there that can confuse you, and we present to you 3 of the best Orange Whip Trainer drills.

Torso Twist

The purpose of this drill is to synchronize the upper and lower body through proper footwork.

  • Just like a basketballer about to shoot a free throw, stand in an upright and vertical position with your knees slightly flexed and feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Spread your arms outward at stomach level and hold the center of the Orange Whip trainer in the fingers. Allow your palms to face upward. To put yourself in a golf stance, tilt your hips slightly.
  • Start circling your upper body back and forth. To center your balance and trigger every rotation to the other side, use the balls of your feet. Move around in a smooth, repeated motion from your left to the right side, back and forth, and let your hips pivot at will.
  • Ensure that you shift weight from the left to the right in conjunction with your upper body. This drill is meant to keep up the relationship of the hands, extended arms and upper body.
  • Repeat the process at the same tempo as you golf swing, and try to maintain the same pace the entire drill.
  • When you get comfortable with this drill, try to re-do it with your eyes closed to amplify the sensation of your footwork and balance.

Hinging Forearm Rotation

The purpose of this drill is to train your body to release the golf club properly.

  • Stand upright in an athletic set-up position with a small forward tilt from your hips. Let your arms hang naturally.
  • Wrap the fingers of one of your hand just below the grip to make the tool more manageable for just one hand. The grip pressure should be light but firm enough to retain control.
  • Start the drill by pushing your arm in front of your body. Your hip will hinder the counterweight, and in the process promote the rotation of the forearm.
  • As you gain momentum, let your torso twist with the swinging whip. Your wrists need to hinge and unhinge to allow for the weight of the swinging whip trainer. Start with small, pendulum-like movements.
  • Let your free hand swing in a natural way and be in sync with your body movement. Try to find and keep up a continuous, smooth rhythm synchronizing your weight transfer, arm movement and torso rotation. Slowly increase the length of the motion.
  • For this drill, put your focus on your footwork as they center your balance, and are responsible for initiating and coordinating the transfer of weight.
  • Repeat using the opposite hand.
  • If you’re patient and consistent, the hinging wrist will develop naturally. This particular drill will enhance the synchronization of motion in the successive movement of the torso, lower body and arms.

Full Swing Drill

The purpose of this drill is to promote an athletic swing that emphases on balance and rhythm.

  • Stand in a balanced and athletic position. Let the orange plastic ball hang some inches above the ground.
  • Begin the drill by slowly swinging the Orange Whip trainer back and forth repeatedly, in a pendulum-like motion. As the length of the motion widens, try to relax your wrists.
  • Let the gathering momentum build gradually and extend the swing’s length to full swings.
  • Centrifugal force will guide you to a balanced and fully rotated swing motion. Throughout the drill, incorporate a consistent rhythm and try to complete each swing in balance.
  • If you lose your balance, stop and start over.
  • Repeat full swing mission for like a minute, or till you feel tired or uncomfortable, whichever comes first. Avoid imparting any force of the whip during practice.


If you want to improve your swing and tempo over time, the above Orange Whip Trainer Drills will help you get the desired results. It is no doubt one of the most dynamic, versatile and effective training aids on the market.

The results will not be instant, but if you make the commitment, you will begin to notice improvements in your golf swing like enhanced coordination, increased strength and flexibility, and a perfectly balanced tempo. Get yourself this portable and easy-to-use tool and begin to practice your drills today!