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Fitbit acquired some pieces of Pebble Company when it went under. This enabled it to line up impressive smartwatches alongside its original fitness tracking devices. With new engineering talent and frequent improvements to their devices, it joined the likes of Apple, Garmin and Samsung as a premium smartwatch manufacturer. If you’re considering a smartwatch fitness tracker that befits your budget, be sure to get one under Fitbit series with exceptional features.

Over the recent past, Fitbit has grown to be a leader the activity tracker market. It has introduced best-selling smartwatches and fitness trackers, including the Fitbit Ionic, Versa 2, Charge 3, Ace 2, Inspire and Flex 2. These fitness tracking purpose-driven wristwatches come with  varying features to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Fitbit Ionic is a new generation smartwatch that features notable improvements such as contactless payments and on-board music. Dubbed “a smartwatch with a purpose” Fitbit Ionic takes things to a new level with the health and focus features. Hit the gym or race while still replying to your incoming phone notifications. Additionally, you can play your favorite music playlist from your smartwatch.

Our Verdict: Here is what fitness enthusiasts have been looking for over the past few years. With its sleek and lightweight design, you can comfortably wear it wherever you go. High-end features including  GPS connectivity, in-built workouts and a heart rate tracker will appeal to a wide range of people, from casual gym-goers to hardcore fitness fanatics. The range of straps means you can swap out bands for various occasions. Considering the price has been considerably slashed, it’s not a bad deal to buy the Fitbit Ionic in 2020.

Overview and Features

The Fitbit has a sporty look and feel. The comfortable and lightweight design is important for sports. Considering its slim design, it’s impressive that it has a battery life that is 4 times greater than Apple watch. Its long battery life ensures that you are ever on it in swimming, racing, gym time or at work.

Fitbit Ionic comes with on side buttons. The buttons make it easy to use the UI when in the middle of a vigorous exercise and easy swiping through apps on the touchscreen.

It is available in 3 colors: Burnt Orange body with Classic Slate Blue band, Smoke Grey body with Classic Charcoal band; and Silver Grey body with Classic Blue Grey band. However, if you are out for looks, this could not be the best. It has received mixed reactions from users. All the same, its features are on another level considering the professionalism applied.

Battery Life

This model is designed to be your constant companion for the better part of a week. On limited usage, a single battery charge lasts the watch for four to five days. However, the usage rate will determine the length of a single charge if you are on a daily and lengthy use routine. Additionally, GPS frequent use drains the battery, just like in other devices. Therefore, you will have to monitor your usage to ensure maximum usefulness on your side.

Devices and App Compatibility

You must first install the Fitbit app on a compatible device to set up, sync, receive notifications from your Fitbit Ionic. This smartwatch is compatible with most devices that have the following operating systems: Android OS 7.0 and higher, Apple iOS 11 and higher, or Windows 10 and higher. This way, you can easily view a comprehensive picture of your health on your Fitbit dashboard.

Fitbit Ionic supports a variety of third-party applications on the iOS, Android, and Windows devices over Bluetooth.

Mobile Payments

Using Fitbit Pay, developed by a Coin tech Company acquired by Fitbit a while back, Ionic users can pay for purchases or services while on the go. Seamlessly pay for your purchases or services from your Fitbit pay app so you don’t have to use or carry your phone. More partnerships are expected from American Express, MasterCard and Visa although bank services support is required. Although it may be taking a little longer to process payments, it is a feature making the smart device exceptional.

Fitbit Coach Feature

Set up workout plans and execute them from your Ionic smartwatch. A rebrand of the Fitstar Personal Trainer App, the Fitbit Coach feature offers 40+ on-board workouts that you can complete. Pick from 7-to-60 minute workout sessions, including audio coaching and 7 Fitbit Radio stations. You can choose from multiple activity levels and trainers.

However, it experiences delays when setting up compared to the competitors but doesn’t experience app crashes. Definitely, this could be frustrating when you expect a flawless workout plan.


With its sizeable storage space, you can store your music playlist of up to 300 songs. Play your music on the go through Bluetooth headphones without having to carry your phone with you. you can either download music from your personal library or sync with the popular streaming services. If you have Deezer or Pandora accounts, you can easily connect them and enjoy the music playback.

Built-in GPS

This is a key feature that most fitness fanatics will appreciate. You can do evening runs or bike ride in detail without having to carry your phone around. Fitbit utilizes the Russian Glonass to offer better accuracy at high latitudes. Besides taking advantage of the GPS for tracking your distance and pace as you ride or run, you can use it to get split times, elevation and a map of your route.

LCD touchscreen display

The 1.42” LCD screen is brilliantly colorful, bright and crisp. The screen resolution, which reaches up to 385 x 250, makes it easy to use in any environment, especially during a bright sunlight day. The screen shows data such as calories burned, steps, distance covered, floors climbed, active minutes, sleep tracking, etc.


Long battery life

Inbuilt fitness workout plan

GPS tracker support


Easy payments

Receive phone notifications


Limited apps support


Conclusion and Rating

Smart Fitness Product Rating: 4/5

While it’s not the cheapest fitness tracker on the market, the Fitbit Ionic is the best option if you need an excellent fitness tracker to motivate yourself on your daily exercises and keep track of your health. You will enjoy features such as on-screen notifications, contactless payment and music player. It’s water resistance ability allows you to track swimming. However, for competitive swimmers, this may not be best smartwatch as it’s limited to 50 meters and the touchscreen won’t work underwater.