5 Ways to Upgrade Your Workout with Smart Fitness Products

Life can get busy, and try to include long working days, paying bills, doing laundry and dinner plans and getting to and from the gym will seem like another chore. Home gyms are becoming popular by the day. Whether you are an experienced fitness junkie or a newcomer to the fitness world, working out at home can be great for convenience. It will enable you to meet your daily exercise needs, saving you the time and hassle of visiting fitness centers. More and more gym-goers realize the benefits of exercising and creating a compact home gym to avoid paying membership fees for facilities they have to share with other members in commercial gyms. If you are feeling like your workouts are not producing the same results or as exciting as before, maybe it’s time to switch your workout routine with smart fitness products.

There are wide-ranging choices when it comes to buying workout equipment for your home gym. You need to purchase common strength training equipment like resistance bands and dumbbells, and cardio machines like ellipticals and treadmills. Thanks to technology, working out doesn’t have to be tedious or boring. We live in an age where high-tech gym equipment helps to reap more significant performance gains. Improving your fitness is no doubt the most effective way to better your workout performance. Upgrading your workout has a lot to do with buying more effective smart fitness products.

Isn’t Building a Home Gym Expensive?

There has been increased interest in smart fitness products in recent years. Creating your own personal gym can be the right option for you as it allows you to set your own workout schedule. You will no longer use the excuse of not having the time to visit the gym every day. And it does not have to be particularly expensive. But if you are not careful, you will end up spending a lot of money which totally beats the purpose of having your own home gym – to save money.

It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that splurging on workout equipment is the best way to keep fit. View it as an investment. Some people waste money on overpriced and unnecessary specialist equipment that they don’t even use. The equipment can be difficult to use or use too much space and usually end up as pricey coat hangers. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a home gym from scratch. Just that, you should be smart about the choice of equipment. As a rule of the thumb, start with the basics and upgrade slowly.

The 5 Best Smart Fitness Products

This article will break down 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Workout with Smart Fitness Products. We consulted fitness experts, coaches, gym junkies, data analysts and sports scientists before we prepared this list. Take into account your budget, space and training goals when purchasing smart fitness products.

Tonal Machine Learning Gym

This all-new smart weight-lifting device will change how you work out. It plays the role of a personal trainer. You can fit the device on the wall, it has a 24-inch LED touchscreen, about the size of a full-length mirror. You can use the screen to interact with the machine or access videos of expert-led workouts. This high-tech device has an electromagnetic engine that imitates the resistance of weights. Tonal allows you to push and pull on either side, and the cable arms are height-adjustable meaning they can fit people of different heights. Depending on your unique goals, tonal will run you through a series of strength assessments and assign you a personalized program designed to improve your performance. Goals can range from gaining strength to losing weight to improving performance. As you become stronger, the system will update your training intensity to capture the improvements. This way, you will be challenged to do better. The Tonal system may set you back some dollars but considering it as a whole gym; it is worth every penny. Smart accessories that ship with the device to improve your workout experience include a smart bar, smart handles, roller, bench mat and rope.

Smart Turbo Trainer

Kinetic by Kurt Road Machine Smart Bike Trainer
  • Accurate, Affordable and easy to use, Kinetic introduces new smart series power trainers for 2015
  • Includes inRide sensor for wireless power-based workouts and fitness test using the Kinetic inRide app.
  • Compatible with pro flywheel for 12 pounds of extra inertia, frame fits 22 to 29 inch wheels. Kinetic trainers are compatible with virtually all bikes. Bikes with a rear thru-axle will require a kinetic traxle thru-axle adapter for use on any trainer
  • Every Smart Trainer purchase includes a FREE 1-month subscription for the Kinetic Fit power-training app.

Until recently, no one liked indoor training. But times have changed, and more folks are now adapting to indoor exercising. Innovations in the fitness industry have changed trainers from the boring, noisy turbo ones to game-ified ones that make training enjoyable. They connect seamlessly to your favorite apps and allow you to gauge performance. Smart trainers also offer you access to entertainment. The live feedback will convert your workout session into real-world performance by making you feel like you are in real terrain. Some trainers have optical scanners designed to help you perfect your pedaling stroke. The data from these smart trainers can be used to measure and improve your performance over time.

Power Meters

Wahoo Rpm Cycling Speed/Cadence Sensor for Outdoor, Spin and Stationary Bikes
  • SPEED / CADENCE MEASUREMENT - Track and capture real-time cycling speed and cadence with compatible training apps, including Wahoo SYSTM & RGT, Zwift, and Peloton Digital iOS App via Bluetooth
  • CYCLING CADENCE - The number of revolutions per minute (RPM) you complete at a given speed. By learning how to increase and train your cycling cadence, or the rate at which you pedal, you’ll improve your cycling efficiency and allow yourself to pedal for longer, faster.
  • DUAL BAND TECHNOLOGY - Integrated with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart capabilities, Wahoo’s RPM Speed & Cadence sensors connect to smartphones, tablets, and bike computers.
  • SLEEK AND EASY TO INSTALL (NO MAGNETS) - Universal fit fits most bikes and frame sizes. Cadence sensor attaches to a bike’s crank arm or shoe; Speed sensor attaches to a bike's wheel hub. Mounts included
  • VISIBLE CONNECTION – Two LED lights give instant feedback: the sensor's device connection (blue) and RPM detection (one red blink per crank turn).

You probably ride your bike with heart rate meter, which is not bad but researchers agree that measuring your power is a way more effective way to train. A power meter is a small device that can be fitted to a bike to measure your power output. Your heart rate is affected by various factors including fatigue, heat, mood, nutrition and time of the day. To take the guesswork out of training, a power meter comes in handy. If you produce 200 watts, you are doing so regardless of the mentioned factors. Combining the two meters (heart and power), creates a valuable tool that gauges how hard you are working out. It will motivate you to hit the numbers and stick to your workout routine.

Go Premium On Your Fitness Apps

We are surrounded by wearables and fitness apps that track our every move. To unlock the full potential of these fitness apps in order to workout smarter, upgrade to premium. The extra cost of upgrading from free to premium is negligible. It won’t cost more than you’d spend for lunch at your local restaurant. That small cost will give you valuable data that you can use to hone your training and technique. If you have no idea how to interpret the raw numbers or feedback, consider hiring an analyst to avoid data-assessment guesswork.

Cross-Country Ski Machine

Nordic Track Classic Pro Skier Ski Machine
  • Adjustable Elevation
  • Adjustable Arm & Stride Resistance
  • LED Feedback Window
  • 75” L x 23.5” W x 76.7” H Footprint
  • 250 Lb. User Weight Capacity

If you are looking for a high-calorie burner that is both fun and efficient, you should try a cross-country ski machine. This device allows you to exercise your arms and legs simultaneously. The low impact nature of this upper and lower body workout causes minimal stress to your knees, meaning it is suitable for seniors. You may require some time to get used to the coordinated arm and leg movements, but with time, you will become a natural. New designs feature a streamlined, high-tech appearance. What sets it apart from other fitness products is its reasonable pricing.


If your New Year’s resolution has you planning to run more, lift more or sweat more, you’ll be glad to learn that the above-discussed smart fitness products will enable you to achieve your objectives in the most effective way possible. Try to familiarize yourself with costly smart fitness equipment before you purchase them by taking advantage of free try-out sessions at commercial gyms.